How to Determine my House Value

If you are thinking of selling your home, one of the first questions on your tongue is most likely, what is my house worth in today's market. Knowing what comparable properties sold for is a great indicator for pricing your home. Commonly, the most challenging aspect of selling a home is listing it at the correct price. When it comes time to price your home, using a skilled local real estate agent can really pay off. If the listing price is too high, you’ll miss out on many buyers who are searching in the price range where your home should be. You probably won’t receive offers because buyers who would have been interested in your house are scared off by the high price. By the time the price is corrected, you’ve already lost exposure to a large group of potential buyers. The listing price becomes even trickier to set when prices are quickly rising and falling. The best real estate agents will be aware of where and how fast the market is moving, both when setting the price and negotiating an offer. 

Good Real Estate Agents will help you interpret the data

Your homes value can be determined by an analysis of sold comparable properties, current listed comparable properties, general market conditions, neighborhood and location analysis, property features, condition and quality. The best real estate agents in the Twin Cities Metro can acurately and appropriately interpert this data. These top Realtors will be glad to help you establish the current value of your home in the current Twin Cities Metro. The most experienced and highly rated listing agents will help you analyze all of the homes that are currently on the market and in the same location as yours. Depending on your particular circumstances and how quickly you need or want to sell your home will help us develop the best pricing strategy for you. If you are a potential home seller in the Twin Cities who has been waiting for the right time to list your house for sale this may or may not be the right be the time. 

Supply and Demand in Hyper-Local Real Estate Markets

It’s all about that wonderful law of supply and demand. Have an expert listing agent with Remax Results and the Minnesota Property Group help you analyze the supply and demand of the houses in your community, development, city and school district. The supply and demand for residential real estate in the Twin Cities is constantly changing and the best Realtors in the Twin Cities can help you accurately assess this. Be careful not to let home pricing discussions influence the Realtor you choose to market and sell your home.

Choose a Realtor Before You Choose the List Price

Once you have chosen the right Realtor and once you are ready to list your house for sale, then you should take a deep dive into home pricing strategies. One of the most common strategies that listing agents use to "win the listing" is to agree with and see eye to eye with the home seller. Most home sellers are drawn to the Realtors that think the same and interpret the market the same as them. When interviewing Realtors, focus on their experience, marketing strategy, internet marketing expertise, reputation, and reviews.