Preparing Your House to Sell

What would you do if you were preparing your house to sell? I get this question a few times a week and end up spending one to two hours per appointment helping home sellers determine what things they should do to prepare their house to sell. Some of the best things you can do to sell your home fast and to sell your home for the most amount of money possible in the least amount of time possible are outlined below.

Take Care of All Deferred Maintenance

When a homebuyer visits your home to determine if it is a house they want to buy, they look at things you can't control, like the overall layout, size, and location. Still, they are also looking at the things you can control like condition, quality, and general maintenance. It is natural for a home buyer to see simple deferred maintenance issues and conclude that they have not cared for their home. It isn't easy to get a home buyer to buy a house when they don't feel like it has been well cared for. Some simple maintenance practices that every homeowner should do is fix peeling paint, caulk and patch gaps, rot, and mold, change light bulbs, re-paint, refinish the floors, change the furnace filter, landscape, pull weeds, prune or trim trees, trim the lawn and bushes, clean the gutters, clean the windows, powerwash the siding, the deck, the sidewalks, the garage floor, the driveway, the basement. If you are selling your home in Minnesota, it is imperative to smell fresh and dry. Most homes in MN should run a de-humidifier in the lower level during the Spring, Fall, and Summer. 

Make the Home Feel Like it is a Model Home. 

Suppose you haven't been to a model home, then make it a point to check out the Fall or Spring Parade of Homes. New Home Builders in Minnesota spend thousands and thousands of dollars to have their model homes professionally staged. The more you can emulate a new home builder; the more likely your chances of selling your home fast will be. When a home buyer walks through your home, they should check the refrigerator to determine if anyone is living there. Get rid of your toothbrushes on the counters, remove all of your liquor bottles from your countertops, take everything off your refrigerator. When you are getting your home ready to sell, you should feel plain, bare, and boring. The goal is to get the home buyer to picture themselves living in your home. It is difficult for homebuyers to visualize themselves in your home if they are distracted by your stuff and style. 

Get the Opinions of Top Real Estate Agents Near You

The best listing agents in the Twin Cities will know how to advise you to get your home ready to sell. Every real estate agent will have different strategies and ideas. The more ideas you implement, the better your chances of success. The best real estate agents can show you how to stage your home, style your home, clean your home and get your home ready to sell.