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Remax has consistently been recognized as an industry leader in the realm of real estate transactions: according to the 2016 RIS Media Power Broker Report, in 2016, RE/MAX agents were involved in more real estate transactions than any other national real estate company. The Minnesota Property Group of RE/MAX Results is in the Top 2% of Real Estate Teams Nationwide.

Remax has Worldwide and Local Recognition Online and Off

Remax is the #1 recognized real estate name worldwide, thanks to the overwhelming record of excellence held by the company; through the effective use of mass marketing, worldwide advertising and the appropriate use of affiliates, RE/MAX is known throughout the world as the industry’s leader.  The Minnesota Property Group has an enormous online presence in the Twin Cities and consistently shows up on the first page of Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Zillow.

Repeat Business and Referrals

Remax agents provide an exceptionally high quality of personal service to their customers, resulting in repeat business and referrals.  The Minnesota Property Group has a 99.5% customer satisfaction rating and receives over 40% of their business from past client recommendations.

A Proven Track Record

Remax has been in the business of helping customers buy and sell homes for over 43 years, with an incredible track record that shows consistency year after year.  The RE/MAX red, white and blue balloon is one of the most well-known logos in the world, garnering instant attention to your home, allowing prospective buyers to instantly recognize that your home is for sale through RE/MAX, the most respected name in the business.The Minnesota Property Group has had a proven track record in the Twin Cities Metro Area since 2002 and our team logo is etched in the minds of Minnesota home buyers and sellers because they consistently see it on the first page of the major search engines.

More Bang for the Buck in Advertising and Promotion

Remax agents spend over 1.6 billion dollars in advertisements per year, in order to promote their listings. This gives you a huge advantage over other sellers, as RE/MAX agents are devoted to getting their clients’ homes out there where they will be seen.  The Minnesota Property Group spends at least 25% of their listing commissions on marketing for our clients.  We are able to make our advertising dollars stretch with the help of our marketing partners throughout the real estate industry.

Top Internet Marketing Service

Remax is the top internet marketing service, with over 2 million hits each month: This is another huge advantage to RE/MAX sellers, as their homes will be seen by an international market.  The Minnesota Property Group is a top internet marketer locally.  Consistently featured on the top real estate sights such as Trulia and Zillow.

Significantly More Real Estate Transactions than our Competition

Remax agents sell more real estate than any other company in the world; in 2016, the number of transactions for RE/MAX agents averaged more than double those of any other competing real estate agents who were surveyed during a 2016 REAL Trends 500 survey.  The Minnesota Property Group closed 159 homes in 2016 and expects to close over 200 in 2017.

More Television Advertising Shares

Remax owns more than 50% of the national television real estate advertising shares, ensuring that Remax homes are seen on television commercials more than any other brand’s homes.  RE/MAX agents are privy to incredible real estate educational programming: RE/MAX maintains its own satellite television network in order to provide continuing education and training resources to its agents.  The Minnesota Property Group's YouTube channel has been viewed over 90,000 times.

Top-of-the-Line Education, Training and Technical Support

Remax agents are given exceptional education, training in the latest industry standards and technical support, allowing them to stay abreast of the latest trends in the industry.  The Minnesota Property Group has been trained by the top marketing firms and best SEO and SMM companies in the country. The Minnesota Property Group spends a minimum of 300 hours training on the latest real estate marketing and sales trends each year.

Over 100,000 Affiliates Across the World

Remax has over 100,000 affiliates across the world, ensuring an incredible base for referrals and leads on buyers and sellers; this allows RE/MAX real estate agents to cooperate with each other to ensure the success of real estate transactions.  The Minnesota Property Group is incredibly well connected with l Real Estate Executives, Real Estate Firms and Relocation companies locally, nationally and worldwide.

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