Selling a Home With the Best Real Estate Agent

Selling a home with the best real estate agent in the Twin Cities Metro does not have to be difficult. The top Twin Cities real estate agent for selling your home breaks down the process. It all starts with finding the best real estate agent to sell your home when you wish to sell and at the price you deserve.

Find the best local real estate agent within 20 minutes of your house.

Step one is to search for the best local real estate agent near you. We recommend that you do a lot of internet searching and read many real customer reviews. Do not click on advertisements. The best local realtors should show up in search results without paying for advertising space. An important quality of a top real estate agent is internet marketing knowledge. Realtors that know how to sell themselves online are at a huge advantage when it is time to market your home online.   

Call the Realtors that Show up online as top real estate agents near you.

Step two is to reach out to the real estate agents showing up online as the best Realtors near you. Please note who answers their phone and whether or not they respond right away to your email, text, and voice message. The best real estate agents will have their mobile phone numbers advertised and communicate quickly, professionally, and efficiently. 

Interview the top 3 local real estate agents. 

Step three is to interview the top three local real estate agents you have deemed worthy of your time. Once you have chosen the realtors that communicate effectively and promptly, call them to schedule a time for them to meet you at your house. Please note how flexible they are willing to be and whether they seem to have enough time to dedicate to selling your home. Ask them how they operate and what their home sale process looks like. Ask them as many questions as you can before answering their questions. The best real estate agents learn what is important to you before going into their sales pitch. The real estate agents that are the most effective tailor their processes and strategies to meet your goals. 

Hire the best real estate agent to sell your home. 

The paperwork is the fourth step towards selling your home with the best real estate agent. Now that you have the best realtor to sell your home, you will need to agree on the listing contract terms. Make sure you are comfortable with all of the paperwork you sign. Most listing contracts are written to protect the Real Estate Broker and Licensed Real Estate Agent. Take your time reading over the listing contract. Disputes that arise can be handled effectively by what is spelled out in the contract. Insist on having an "out clause" of some sort. Protect yourself by having language in the contract that allows you to cancel the listing agreement if you change your plans or become unhappy with the Real Estate agent and brokerage you hired. 

Checklist for preparing your home to sell

Position your property to accomplish your goals.

After researching real estate agents, contacting them, and interviewing the three best real estate professionals, it is time to put the plan into action. Hold your real estate agent accountable. Refer to their real estate marketing plan and home selling strategies often. Take the home staging and home preparation consultations seriously. Utilize your real estate agent's connections, experience, and expertise. 

Analyze the real estate market and competition 

Before listing your home for sale, revisit the asking price. The real estate market and the current competition of homes for sale can change quickly. The price that you list your home at is completely up to you, and be comfortable and confident in the pricing strategy you choose. 

Infographic on How to price your home

Virtual tour, video tour, blog posts, social media marketing, photos, ads, and property placement

Be comfortable and confident in all of the marketing material. You should watch the videos that have been created, analyze the listing information, look over the social media posting schedule, proofread the blog posts and sign off on other property ads. Complement the marketing efforts by sharing the content strategically and spending the Realtors ad dollars efficiently.