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The best real estate agent to help you find a home in Minnetonka, MN, is experienced, local, professional, well networked, well-liked, loyal, committed, ethical, passionate, and available.  When you are trying to find a top Minnetonka Realtor or Top Minnetonka Real Estate company to help you buy a home in Minnetonka or the surrounding communities, it is crucial to do your research. 

Top Real Estate Agent Rankings, Minnetonka, MN

There is an abundance of Real Estate Agent Ranking Websites in today's technologically advanced world.  Many Real Estate websites that collect real estate agent statistics and reviews are well respected and trustworthy, while others are created by companies that charge Realtors to make them look good.  Be wary of the sponsored websites that consistently show up on the first page of google. These Top Agent Ranking sites spend hundreds of thousands of marketing dollars to attract home buyers looking for good local agents.  They then refer the homebuyer to the "top local real estate agent" and charge that local Realtor a real estate referral fee.  Some of these websites do a good job identifying top local Realtors, but other sites are "pay to play websites," where the Real Estate Agents or Realty Companies pay to be endorsed or featured.  Some of the more trustworthy websites that allow consumers to post reviews on the Local Real Estate Agents they have worked with are,,, and  These websites are difficult to manipulate and hard for agents to get fake reviews.  Some sites that feature Top local Realtors and Real Estate Companies are more influenced by advertising spending.  Local Minneapolis and St Paul publications have screening processes for real estate agents and generally put together large lists of Top Real Estate Agents.  However, most of these publications end up charging the Local Real Estate Agent to be featured in the magazine, which compromises the integrity of the "Awards." 

Real Estate Buying Agents vs. Real Estate Listing Agents

There are a lot of great Real Estate agents in Minnetonka that are buyer's specialists, and there are a lot of top Realtors that are listing specialists.  Suppose you are a home buyer or home seller in Minnetonka, MN, and are looking for the best Real Estate agent in the Minnetonka area. In that case, it is wise to consider a highly rated Realtor who is both a buyer's agent and a listing agent.  Realtors that are exclusively buyer's agents or exclusively listing agents are not always as up to date on the ever-changing Real Estate Market.  Realtors that are only listing agents aren't as up-to-date with the mindset of current buyers.  Realtors that are just listing agents tend to have less experienced agents on their team, typical to the buyers.  Some agents prefer to be listing agents because they do not like working nights and weekends or have the time to work with buyers.  Typically the best local Real Estate Agents will work with buyers and sellers and know the local Real Estate Inventory well.  When a Realtor is constantly walking through and showing homes to buyers in Minnetonka, they keep their finger on the pulse of the hyper-local Real Estate Market.  The prices of homes in Minnetonka, MN, are constantly changing, and the supply and demand of homes are a driving force.  The Realtors that consistently show homes to buyers can offer better pricing advice, staging strategies, and timing tips to their home sellers.  The direction a homeowner gets from a local real estate expert can be the difference of thousands of dollars when it comes to the sale of your Minnetonka home.

Best Realtors Minnetonka, MN 

You have come to the right place if you want to find the best realtors in Minnetonka, MN. The Remax professionals with the Minnesota Property Group have been top Minnetonka Realtors since 2002. The best way to find a top real estate agent near you is to make a google inquiry. If you've landed on this page, you can stop searching and bookmark this site. We have been named the best realtors in Minnetonka, MN, by our peers and our clients for 15 consecutive years. We pride ourselves on knowing the Minnetonka MN real estate market better than any other real estate agent in the Twin Cities. 

Best Realtor to Help me Buy a House in Minnetonka, MN

The best Realtor to help you buy a house in Minnetonka, Minnesota, is likely one of the Top Crystal Realtors on this website, with the Minnesota Property Group of Remax Results. Joe Houghton grew up in Robbinsdale and spent most of his childhood in or next to Minnetonka, MN. You must choose a real estate agent that knows the areas you want to live in intimately. Joe has helped numerous friends, family, and clients buy and sell homes in Minnetonka and is also involved with many of the business owners in the city.

Top Realtor to Help me Sell my House in Minnetonka, MN

To find the best Realtor to help sell a house in Minnetonka, Minnesota, is no easy feat. We are happy that you are finally on the right website and have discovered Joe Houghton and his team, the Minnesota Property Group of Remax Results. The best Realtor to sell your house is the one with the time, enthusiasm, local knowledge, broad knowledge, reputation, and skill set for marketing, exposing, and presenting your home to the right buyers and at the right time. Give Joe a call, send Joe a text, or shoot Joe an email. You will be surprised that he answers his phone over 90% of the time and returns texts and emails within the hour.