Homes for sale in Minneapolis Minnesota

Lofts with skyline views, established, neighborhoods with sidewalk- lined streets, and newly constructed suburban settings with every amenity you need.  Real estate options have never been greater in the Minneapolis Twin Cities area. 

Minneapolis is divided up into six geographic sections - Central, South, Southwest, North, Northeast, and Southeast.  These sections are separated into 11 communities and further divided into 81 neighborhoods.  


Most of these neighborhoods are represented by an association that functions under the umbrella of the Neighborhood Revitalization Program (NRP).  Minneapolis residents use the NRP planning process to analyze their social service, environmental, transportation, housing, safety and recreational needs. The NRP is responsible for building community centers, creating jobs, and helping the members of its communities.  I recommend that my clients call the NRP or visit their website and ask to talk to the current president of the neighborhood association you are considering.  You can also view the neighborhoods at

Safe Neighborhoods

To compare neighborhoods with each other you can read the neighborhood crime reports online at Minneapolis Crime Statistics

In general, the highest numbers of crimes are reported in Lowry Hill East, Cedar-Riverside, Downtown West, Jordan Central, Folwell, Longfellow, Hawthorne, Marcy-Holmes, Near North, the University of Minnesota, Whittier, Seward, Ventura Village, Phillips and Elliot Park.

Sex Offenders
I recommend that buyers visit the Department of Commerce Sex Offender website. Here you can see if there are any level three sex offenders living near the home you are considering purchasing. Tip: Your insurance agent can access statistical information about crime rates and how much insurance coverage will cost if you move into that zip code.

Public Transportation 10581965_l (612.373.3333) Buses run along main thoroughfares but do change routes and schedules.  The Hiawatha Light Rail Transit line goes from the Minneapolis Warehouse District to the Mall of America.  The trains run every 7-8 minutes during rush hours and 10-15 minutes during off-hours and weekends.  Fairs are from 1-3 dollars.  Trains run between 5 a.m. and 1 a.m. 


Minneapolis has a great network of skyways in downtown which shoppers and commuters use to keep them not only out of harm's way but any inclement weather while walking in the core of the city.

Paths and Trails

There are miles of walking/bicycle trails within and surrounding the Minneapolis suburbs of Hennepin County.


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