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Nokomis, with tree-lined blocks of pleasant yards and tidy houses, is moderately priced, making it attractive to young singles and couples. Some luxurious Colonials line the curved parkways around Lake Nokomis; otherwise, what you'll find here are bungalows, mini-Tudors, and occa­sional one-story ranch houses. Brick apartment buildings dating to the 1920s can be found along larger streets such as Chicago Avenue and Cedar Avenue, and small commercial districts dot the area. Housing in this community is largely owner-occupied, with the local population a range of ages and pocketbooks. However, noise from Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport, to the south, is definitely a factor to consider if you're looking at Nokomis. Federal grants are available for household sound insulation, but it is feared that construction of a new terminal and third runway will make the noise worse. Keep this in mind and ask pointed questions if you're house-hunting in this area.  On the other hand, the recreation amenities are excellent and close at hand. The heart of the community, Lake Nokomis, is an expansive body of water with more green space around it than the other lakes of South Minneapolis. Minneapolis' lake-parkway system winds through this com­munity along Minnehaha Creek and around Lake Nokomis, leading to the public Hiawatha Golf Course and Lake Hiawatha. Baseball fields, open space and sparse wooded areas surround Lake Nokomis. Minnehaha Park is the annual venue for Svenskarnas Dag Scandinavian festival held near the end of June. For a description of Minnehaha Park and Minnehaha Falls, which are on the eastern edge of Nokomis, check Lakes and Parkways. 

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