The Best Way to Search for a Home in MN

In a recent interview about the relocation process, Joe Houghton, a top real estate agent in the Twin Cities Metro Area was asked several questions about buying homes in the Minneapolis and St. Paul Metro Area. The same two questions came up over and over again. What is the best way to search for a home? How do I find the best real estate agent to help me find the right home?

How to find the best real estate agent

Houghton's answer was long.  "Everyone has a different idea of what a real estate agent should do and how they should help in the home buying process. There are several commonalities that home buyers have and especially the buyers that are relocating to Minnesota from other parts of the world. Most of the relocation buyers that choose to work with the Minnesota Property Group rely on the team to provide them with information and knowledge of the entire metro area. They lean on their Realtor to help narrow down the geographic area they want to explore first. Buyers research online and read up about the Twin Cities. Buyers use the Minnesota Property Group to help them internalize the information and apply it to their particular situation. Families getting ready to relocate to the Twin Cities usually have a few areas of the metro that they want to target because they have read or heard good things from friends or co-workers. We encourage these relocation buyers to keep a running list of priorities.The highest priority for most families is the Schools. Other priorities are safety, proximity to work, community amenities, price, size, age and resale value."  As a father of 4 boys Joe Houghton takes education seriously.

How to choose the best real estate agent in the Twin Cities area of MSP

Unfortunately home buyers do not always understand that they can choose their own Realtor to represent them. Many homebuyers that relocate through large companies will be given the name of a real estate agent by the relocation company. They are lead to believe that this is who they have to work with. The relocation agent is sometimes knowledgeable about the entire metro area, but other times only know the specific part of the Twin Cities that they specialize in.  It is important to understand that you can choose your real estate agent. You can have your real estate agent help you set up and discover the personalized home search that is best suited for you and your family. Licensed Realtors in Minnesota have access to the Multiple Listing Service of their area also know as the MLS. There are other websites that pull property listings and information from the Realtor version of MLS but the amount of information they provide and accuracy of that information varies. The best Realtors will meet with you in person and show you the tools they have access to. The best real estate agents will also show you how to use these tools. They will set you up on a home search that will include every house, townhome, condo or new construction property available. They will have your best interest in mind at all times.They will have the patience to work with you for as long as it takes to help you find the perfect house, location, schools, and community to raise your family. When you find you perfect house, the real work begins. A great real estate agent will negotiate the best price and terms possible for you and your family and will protect you every step of the way." 

The best way to research schools in the Twin Cities Metro of MSP

Some of the best school research websites in Minnesota are  K12 NicheGreatSchools.orgMinnesota Report CardMinnesota Department of Education and as well as forums and discussions on websites like Zillow, Trulia,   When it comes to choosing the right school district and the right elementary, middle and high schools it is best to visit the school in person and to talk directly with the administrators and parent teacher organizations.  

To learn more about the relocation process and how to set up a personalized home search that has your best interests in mind, contact Joe Houghton and the Minnesota Property Group of REMAX Results

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