Advantages of Buying a New Home in MN

If you are in the market to buy a home, whether you are moving up or a first-time buyer, there are many advantages to buying or building a new home in today's market.  

New construction in the Twin Cities means custom optionsnew construction home in Plymouth

When you buy new construction, you can often pick your lot, floor plan, and builder.  You get to select all the colors and finishes that work best for you.  Depending on the builder, development, and price point, you can put your money into the unique features that mean the most to you.

When you build your own home, you can be energy efficient, eco-friendly, & green

More recent building codes mandate higher energy-efficiency standards.  This means you can rest assured your new home will be more efficient than homes that are several years older. In 2009 the International Energy Conservation Code required approximately 17% more efficient than three years earlier. You may also opt for materials that surpass the efficiency level necessary for even more energy savings! Your new appliances can significantly reduce your utility bills and your carbon footprint.

Building a brand new home brings peace of mind

New translates to a longer time frame before systems and appliances require repair or replacement.  Also, new means a clean slate for proper care and maintenance. Knowing it is unlikely that a major repair or replacement expenditure is right around the corner will help you relax and enjoy your new home even more!

A drawing of a new home sitting on a contract with a pen

When you build in Minnesota, you get a new construction warranty

In Hennepin County, Minnesota, a builder must provide a 1-year warranty on the entire home, a 2-year warranty on all systems, and a 10-year warranty for the structure. The statute as the whole is available on the Minnesota gov website.

New construction building practices allow you to feel safer in a newly built home

Many builders use much safer materials than ever before in their new construction projects. It is common for builders to use flame retardant carpeting, insulation, sheetrock, doors, and a radon mitigation system. It is also required to have hard-wired smoke and carbon monoxide detectors with battery back-ups.

When you build new, you know exactly what you are getting

With a new home, you see the quality of the used materials.   You also know your systems and appliances and the warranty that backs up their quality.  You know what you have and how to best maintain it for long life and good service.

New homes in the Twin Cities are increasingly "smart."

Imagine controlling the lights in every room and setting your heat or air conditioning remotely from your smartphone or tablet, and or managing your security system or media options from another location! The technology available today for new homes is incredible. The "smart home" concept is being embraced now more than ever. Many features can now be controlled wirelessly by "apps" These new features help ensure safety and efficiency, make your home significantly more comfortable, and may even reduce your homeowner's insurance.

The indoor air quality in a new home is much better

You can avoid lingering odors and potential mold problems. While funky smells will be detectable, mold can often hide in the walls and heating ducts of older houses. You can expect clean air and comfortable moisture levels with a properly designed, constructed controlled building. This is an especially appealing benefit if a family member suffers from allergies or asthma.

New homes are often built in a brand new community

When a new subdivision is created, the houses are expected to sell to similar demographics (often families with younger children). These families stay in the home for many years. Because everyone is moving in simultaneously and is usually at similar stages in life, friendships and bonds are formed early on and typically last a lifetime.

Many developers build pools, walking trails, sports courts, playgrounds, and clubhouses. It's often a "community within the community," offering accessible opportunities for residents to get to know their neighbors.

Two Realtors carrying a miniature home

Knowing that nothing in your new home has ever been used is a massive benefit to some. You will never have to wonder how someone else treated your home or repaired it or what they may have covered up to re-sell it. You can design it, customize it and care for it precisely the way you want to.