Choose the Right Realtor when Building a Home

When it comes to building a new home in Minnesota there are a lot of home builders and new home developments to choose from. It is important that the Realtor you choose to guide you through the new construction process is experienced and knowledgeable in the new construction field. One of the biggest mistakes I see home buyers make is using the wrong real estate agent or not using a real estate agent at all. Having a realtor that with a new construction background, represent you, negotiate for you, and advise you on the project, can save you thousands. Joe Houghton is the Leader of the Minnesota Property Group of Remax Results and got his Minnesota builders license in 2016 in order to be the best Realtor for New Construction Home Buyers. 

How do I Choose the Right Home Builder 

Choosing the right builder can make a huge difference in how your new home turns out. Having the right builder and the right agent to represent you can make the process fun. We recommend you meet with a few top local real estate agents who are licensed builders or who have represented licensed builders for at least a few years. It is incredible how much there is to know and learn about new construction and until I got my builders license and built a few houses I had no idea how much I did not know. Having a construction background has proven invaluable when I represent home buyers and protect them from some of the unscrupulous salespeople, builders, and contractors that are out there. 

Meet with the actual builder, not just the builders' realtor

When selecting a new home builder it is important you meet with the actual builder and the site supervisor. It is common for the builders and site supervisors to utilize a salesperson and licensed realtor to do their talking, but it is a huge mistake for homebuyers to accept this. If you are building a custom home and making a lot of changes to a stock floorplan or are building a completely custom home from scratch it is even more critical. National Builders usually build a series of similar home and rarely build completely custom houses. This is one of the many reasons national home builders such as Lennar, David Weekley, and DR Horton build homes for less than local custom home builders. 

Choosing the Right New Home Development 

Homebuyers in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota tend to do a lot of networking and research when it comes to choosing the right place to live. It is important that you thoroughly research the neighborhood, the development, the neighboring communities, the city, and the county before you get too far along in the process. It is common for a homebuyer to walk into a Parade of Homes model home, or a new construction open house and get emotionally attached to the home. When buyers get emotionally attached to real estate they often overlook some of the basic things that will later disappoint them. Some things to think about when looking for the right new home development are the style of homes, the proximity to things you value, the space in between the homes, the neighborhood amenities, the building covenants and restrictions, the size of the yards, the views, the general feeling of the area, the schools, the taxes, and the demographics to name a few. Experienced Realtors know how to help guide home buyers through all of these complexities so they make the best decision for themselves and their families.

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