Moving to Minneapolis?  What You Should Know

So you are moving to the Midwest to plant your roots in Minneapolis, Minnesota? To an outsider, the Twin Cities may lack the appeal that other U.S. cities have to offer, but little do they know, you are heading for one of the overall best cities in the country. Minnesota is home to some of the nation’s best family attractions, and the city is exploding with nature and art. With all Minneapolis has to offer, it is no surprise it has been ranked one of the top five states in which to raise a family. Here’s all you and your family have to look forward to in your new town.

Great School Systems

Being a large city means there are many schools to choose from to ensure your children receive the best education possible. The largest school district is the Minneapolis Public School District, with 98 schools. If you decide to live in Lake Harriet, you can count on an excellent education from beginning to end. Both Lake Harriet Lower Elementary School and Lake Harriet Upper School are two of the highest-rated schools in Minneapolis. Other chart-topping schools include Yinghua Academy in Northeast Minneapolis, offering kindergarten through eighth grade. If these schools are out of your district, don’t fret! Many of the schools in Minneapolis receive higher than 50% ratings in terms of overall quality. You can also pursue the private school route, with almost 130 private schools to choose from.


Minnesota is a continental state - so you will experience each season as intended - cold winter nights and hot summer days. In Minnesota, there is a winter wonderland each year. While the winters can be frigid, you can count on exposing your children to building snowmen and making snow angels. It’s fun even when you don’t have children. The summers can be pleasant as well, typically not exceeding 85 degrees, so you get the perfect summer day without it being a scorcher. Whether you are in the northern or southern half of the state, the temperature can vary. Areas near Lake Superior tend to be chillier on average. Minnesota is also one of the driest states in the Midwest, so you won’t need to keep your rain boots and umbrella handy.

Job Opportunities

Whether you’re beginning your career or simply looking to advance yourself, Minneapolis is an excellent place for all job seekers. With one of the largest populations of Fortune 500 companies, Minneapolis is a booming business town. It has also been ranked one of the top cities for the technology industry. Whatever field you work in, you will have excellent job security and provide for your family with ease. With so many industries thriving here, career goals are likely to be fulfilled. When opportunity knocks, make sure to open your door.

Friendly Folks

They don’t call it “Minnesota Nice” for nothing. Here you will be in the company of some of the friendliest people in the country. Happy people are nice people - and Minnesotans have a lot to be pleased about. Minnesota is also a relatively safe state to live in, with a crime rate that continues to decrease. Like any city, there are neighborhoods to avoid, but all in all, you can rest easy knowing your family is in a safe and secure environment.

Lakes and Landmarks

Minnesota borders one of the Great Lakes, Lake Superior, but it is home to over 11,000 lakes, despite being known as the “Land of 10,000 Lakes”. It is also the top park system in the country, with 197 parks throughout the state. The Chain of Lakes is a series of serene lakeside parks and beaches in Minneapolis where you can spend your downtime relaxing with the family. Within the city walls lies a park and landmark called Minnehaha Falls that is great for a family day trip. Hike the trails, explore the falls, and take a dip in the creek. This is just one of the many wonderments that you will find within the Twin Cities. The never-ending possibilities of adventures are perfect for any outdoor-loving family.

National Attractions

Some of the nation’s most family-friendly attractions are located in Minneapolis or are a short driving distance. The Walker Art Center is a well-known contemporary art museum in the city's heart. With free admission for anyone 18 and under, it’s an affordable outing for the family that also gets your children engaged with art and culture. Right up the road is the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden, a sight to see for all ages. The 11-acre park works with the Walker Art Center to provide irreplaceable art sculptures. This will be your go-to park for family picnics and playtime. It’s also a great way to expose your children to art while getting them outdoors for a bit!

Of course, everyone’s favorite shopping destination is also a short drive away in Bloomington, Minnesota. The Mall of America is more than just your average mall - a trip here might as well count as your family vacation. Go on gravity-defying rides in Nickelodeon Universe, catch your favorite flick in the movie theater, and snorkel with sea critters in the Sea Life Minnesota Aquarium. Yes, all this is still part of the mall. It’s that big! Also, don’t forget that clothing is tax-free in Minnesota. This makes a trip to blow your money at the Mall of America a little more satisfying. With great people, opportunities, and places for adventure - you and your family will love living in Minnesota!