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It’s that time again, the brand new year that marks the start of 365 days of new opportunities as well as new challenges. It is a psychological line of demarcation between what past and what will happen in the next 12 months. Some factors we can control and others we can’t but still, it is a fresh start. An opportunity to review and evaluate, amend and renew as we head into the new year. 

This is the time I look back and celebrate the accomplishments of the Minnesota Property Group of RE/MAX Results as a team, and mine personally as the team leader. While I celebrate the successful outcomes, the resolve to do better for my clients, my team, my community and my family is the cornerstone on which I will build my priorities for 2017.

Minnesota Property Group 2017

It Was A Great Year in Real Estate for The Twin Cities Top Realtors

The Minnesota Property Group, like the 2016 housing market, had a very successful year in local Real Estate.  As the team leader, it has been profoundly gratifying for me to oversee the professional growth and development of 5 successful Real Estate agents. Together our team has helped 150 local Twin Cities families with the buying or selling of their home. Kudos to team veterans Mike Milne, Derek Irving and Andrew Klinkner and to our new members Paul McGuire and Parker Plucinak. Congratulations on meeting your 2016 goals and adding to your portfolio of Real Estate knowledge and Real Estate experience.  

Kudos to our Real Estate Marketing Director Linda Medeiros for working behind the scenes to make us shine, for helping our home sellers tell the story of their homes, and for curating all the best information about our vibrant Twin Cities Metro real estate market, and everything pertaining to nurturing and inspiring our home. You can read it all on our updated Our Twin Cities Home blog, and keep up on our supporting Facebook page.

Minnesota Property Group 2017

We Care About All Our Home Buying and Home Selling Clients

Each member of my team proves time and time again that when we advocate for our clients like they are members of our own families, we not only reap tangible rewards but we make some great friends along the way. We feel good about ourselves, our team, and our work and for me personally that is what makes my Real Estate career so rewarding. Going forward into the new year we will continue to be successful together at serving our buyers and sellers and making their home buying or selling experience the best the Twin Cities can provide.

Recognition As Twin Cities, MN Real Estate Industry Leaders 

Minnesota Property Group 2017We received some public recognition this year, which is always gratifying and validating.  Our team was honored in July as 2016 Real Trends “America’s Best Real Estate Agents” The agents and teams recognized represent less than 1% of all agents nationally so we were all really honored to be selected.   “The Minnesota Property Group led by Joe Houghton with RE/MAX  is among the 2,691 RE/MAX agents and teams featured in the 2016 REAL Trends “America’s Best Real Estate Agents” survey."

In September, being recognized by Real Estate Executive Magazine as one of the 100 top producers and most influential agents in Minnesota was pretty exciting as you can imagine. 

Lastly, being recognized as a 2016 Super Real Estate Agent™ for the 5th consecutive year by Mpls. St. Paul Magazine and Twin Cities Business was the culmination of a great year. I was truly honored to be recognized among so many other hard-working, dedicated and successful real estate professionals in MN. While I don't believe that true success is based on awards and accolades, it is gratifying to have your work recognized by both your industry and your clients.  It is even more rewarding to have your team recognized as well. 

Minnesota Property Group 2017

The Real Estate Opportunities In The Twin Cities Are Endless

We are really energized about heading into 2017.  Our mantra will be good is not enough if better is possible. Building on our past successes we hope to take it to the next level and surpass our previous year helping more than 150 families with their home buying and selling decisions. 

That means helping more families change their lives by either moving into their first home or into a larger one. We want to help boomers find the retirement home they have always wanted to begin their lives reimagined. Because we love to see dreams come true, we want to see young professionals take the giant step from apartment dweller to condo or townhouse owner because owning your own home is still part of the American dream.

We also want to assist families through the sale of their home, making that whole process as stress-free and seamless as possible. We want to engage you in the process and hope when we come out the other side we will have made a friend for life. 

Minnesota Property Group 2017

This will happen because we are dedicated to building our social media presence to be everywhere you need us to be. To that end, we have expanded our website enhancing the function to go mobile. We plan to continue to expand our social media activity on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube. Showing your property at its best using three-dimensional tours, quality professional photographs and drone photography when appropriate because we know the first contact a buyer has with a home is on the internet. We will continue to partner with you as a seller to tell the story of your home in pictures and on our blog.  Speaking of our blog, we intend to continue to provide original and high-quality content of interest to home buyers, home sellers, and home dwellers and Twin Cities residents and beyond. We also intend to show you some great photography this year because we believe a picture also tells a story. If you have a topic you would like to see covered, let us know. 

Thanks to all our wonderful clients of the past year and the preceding years as well. We really do appreciate you!  

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