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Best Realtor Plymouth MN

Best Realtor Plymouth MN - Your Top Choice for Real Estate in Plymouth, Minnesota

Are you searching for the best real estate agent in Plymouth, Minnesota? Look no further – you've just found your ideal partner for buying or selling a home in Plymouth. With two decades of experience in the Plymouth real estate market, we've built a robust network of professionals ready to assist you. Explore this page for valuable insights into the Plymouth, MN, real estate scene, and when we meet in person, I'll share my top real estate agent tips with you.

Finding the Perfect Real Estate Agent in Plymouth, MN

In Plymouth, there are numerous excellent real estate agents, making it crucial to identify the right one for your needs. While many agents claim to know the Plymouth area well, it's essential to work with top local licensed realtors when buying or selling a home here. When you attend an open house in Plymouth, MN, a skilled realtor will inquire whether you're already under contract with another agent. If you answer "no" and express interest in the house, you may find yourself in a delicate situation. The nuances of dual agency will be explained in another section.

Partnering with the Finest Buyer's Agent in Plymouth

When exploring homes for sale in Plymouth, MN, having an outstanding buyer's agent by your side can be immensely beneficial. The best agents possess in-depth knowledge of the entire city, enabling them to provide insightful analyses of the properties you tour and breakdowns of the neighborhood-specific real estate market. If you're eager to discover more about Plymouth, Minnesota, don't hesitate to reach out to me. Call today and find out if I am indeed the best Plymouth Realtor for your unique needs.


12 Steps to Transition Your Real Estate Business to The New Year

12 Steps to Transition Your Real Estate Business into the New Year/MN Property Group/Blog

Ways to Transition Your Real Estate Business Into the New Year

It’s impossible to think of ending one year without looking ahead to what’s around the corner. I love the mystery that awaits, knowing that I can prepare for events down the road. With that in mind, I anticipate the new year with excitement and optimism and a dusting of prudent vigilance.

The last couple of weeks of December is the perfect time to review the past twelve months. When the pace of the real estate market slows down, an opportunity to streamline my goals and business plan enables me to be ready for the start of the new year. My words of the day are: review, reorganize, refresh, and recycle. Here are twelve ways to do it.

1. Freshen Up Your Real Estate Bio

Now is the time to bring your bio up to date on your real estate and social media accounts. Elements you want to include when you refresh your bio are awards, achievements, real estate courses completed, professional certifications earned, and milestones reached. It would help if you could also talk about any community service projects or volunteering you participate in. Connect personally with marriage and birth announcements, interests, or hobbies. Also, consider new professional photos, especially if you didn’t take one last year.

2. Evaluate Your Real Estate Tools

Today’s homebuyer is very tech-savvy and expects the same from their real...

How Do You Know A Super Real Estate Agent When You Meet One?

 Can You Recognize a Super Real Estate Agent When You Meet One?  Take This Quiz!

You have finally made the big decision to buy a home, and you’re ready to dive headlong into the real estate market! Congratulations!  Given today’s market and the great opportunities that abound in the Twin Cities Metro for homeownership, I applaud your decision.  But, (and yes, there is always a “but,”) before you take the plunge, just like every great athlete needs a coach, or every talented artist needs an agent, you need a Realtor© by your side, advocating for you.

“Why can’t I just advocate for myself?” you say.  Great question, and I am so glad you asked. An honest and ethical real estate agent will steer you in the right direction to not waste time spinning your wheels. He will offer expert advice when called for, even if it might not be what you want to hear, and will put your best interest at the forefront of any transaction.  Not only will he protect your interests, but he will also limit your liabilities and even save you money. 

“Wow,” you say, “having an agent will give me an edge!  I want one, but, with all those agents out there, how will I know a great one when I meet them?” Another great question! That is why I developed this easy, fun, and an easy little quiz to help you with your evaluation process.  Are you ready to answer a few questions?  Then let’s do it!

Finding the best Twin Cities Realtor on the Internet can be Like Attending the Mad Hatter's Tea Party

1. Knowing the internet is the best place to research and gather the information you need to begin your search...

Best Year End Advice For Real Estate Agents

Best End of Year Advice for Real Estate Agents

In just a couple of weeks, the New Year will be upon us. It was a fast twelve months, wasn’t it? It feels like I was talking to you about fall home maintenance only a couple of weeks ago when it was actually in early October. Many trees were still stubbornly holding on to a few leaves, there was no snow on the ground, and we had not even had a hard frost. Now here we are decking the halls and talking about closing out the year and getting ready for 2019.

Admittedly I approach the new year with excitement and optimism tinged with a dash of trepidation and uncertainty. The new year is, after all, filled with mystery! What new clients will I meet? Which buyers and sellers will I reconnect with in the coming year? What changes in the market will surprise me? Which of my predictions will be proven correct? Am I ready for what lies ahead and if not what do I need to do so I don’t fall short of my expectations?

As the days and weeks of the next year unfold, I plan to be ready. One of the ways I prepare is by starting the year without the clutter of the last twelve months. It starts now. Here are some tasks we can take care of before January is on the doorstep because ready or not, soon 2019 will be knocking on the front door!

Last Chance for Tax Deductions

Do you plan to take a real estate or business related course? Now would be a good time to sign up. Not only is the beginning of the year slower paced, but if you sign up now before 2019, you may be able to take the deduction if applicable on this year's taxes. 

Make a charitable donation. Since we are talking about 2018 tax benefits, now is your last chance for contributing some cash or assets to your favorite non-profit.

Be Prepared With a Fresh Look

When we talk about business needs for a Real Estate professional, don’t overlook your car. If your lease is expiring this year or you plan...