Selling a Home this Winter? 5 Hot Tips for Cold Weather Listings


Winter changes the dynamics of selling and showing your home at its best. Less hours of daylight, cold weather along with snow and ice are all challenges we face in the winter season. Here are my 5 best tips for making your home shine more and sparkle brighter even though the days are shorter and the ground is covered in snow!

1. A Home for All Seasons

Keep the driveway and all walkways shoveled. Maneuvering through snow and ice to get inside your home is not going to make for a good first impression so be sure your property is totally accessible. Granted snow removal can be a challenge but at least you don’t have to worry about mowing and trimming the lawn every few days.  Another plus, if you don’t have the best landscaping on the block, the snow can provide a pristine charm you wouldn’t have in the warmer months. On the flip side, if you are an avid gardener and have put time and money into awesome landscaping make sure to have an album of photos highlighting those features for buyers to view.



2. Let the Light Shine in and Out

Keep window dressings at a minimum to take advantage of the available light.  Make sure draperies are drawn and shades are up.  Even if you are showing your home in the evening, lamplight glowing in the windows imparts a feeling of welcome and warmth, and that makes for a great first impression!

3. Winter Coziness and Charm

When the temperatures drop, prospective buyers will say “ahhh” as they enter the warmth of your home.  Set the thermostats at around 70-72 when you have a showing, even if you normally keep it cooler.  If you have a gas or electric fireplace, turn it on.  Drape a couple of warm and fuzzy throws on a sofa or a chair and light a couple of spicy scented candles.  Make it so cozy and welcoming, your sellers will never want to leave!


4.Holiday Decorations

If you are selling over the winter holidays, definitely decorate but do not go over the top.  Keep it tasteful and simple.  A wreath on the front door and twinkling lights on a few shrubs or trees are a wonderful touch.  So is an evergreen on the porch is you have one. Inside a decorated tree and mantel will add festive charm! 

5. Highlight Winter Features

An enclosed, attached garage will be far more appreciated by winter buyers with bonus points if it’s heated! More than any other time of the year buyers will appreciate saving money on energy. Winter is a great time to point out windows and doors with a high energy saving rating. Do you have a newer energy efficient furnace or water heater? Now’s the best time to tout about these features.  Another great idea is to make sure you had your system cleaned and serviced.  Buyers will appreciate not having to worry about their new home getting through that first winter seamlessly.

MN skyline

So there you have my 5 best winter selling tips.  Don't forget that no matter what season of the year you are selling your home deep cleaning, de-cluttering and de-personalizing are still critical steps in preparing your home for sale. 


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