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Weekend Wildcard July 26 & 27 - Ride the Rockies

post by David Cohn

Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well-preserved body. But Rather to skid in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming "WOW - What a ride!" - anonymous


Ride the Rockies 2008

It was a dark and stormy night...really, it was, as the bus taking us from the Denver airport snaked its way through the river gorge and aside from the cliffs into Glenwood Springs, Colorado, for day one of Ride the Rockies.  In February, the June Ride seemed like a good idea. It was mid-winter and imagining the glory of conquering mountains on a bicycle was romantic and the stuff of spring optimism and joy.  But actually on the side of a mountain doing switchbacks, not so much.

ride the rockies

So what is Ride The Rockies? It’s a recreational bicycle ride over the Rocky Mountains and the centerpiece of bicycle rides in the recreational world. It is 2000 riders from all over the world who do it for the scenery, excellent support systems, and the Rocky Mountain highs. It is pedaling a bike 437 miles over 6 days up and down mountains that rise 12,000 feet above sea level. Yup, riding a bicycle over mountains of 12,000 feet. Yes, I know, sounds...

Weekend Wildcard July 19 & 20 – 5 Great Kid Approved Twin Cities Summer Outings

Kid fun Twin Cities

Minnesota Kids Just Wanna Have Fun

Can you believe it’s the third weekend in July? Yes, summer passes quickly in the Twin Cities and so we want to make the most of it.  We want to squeeze every day of warmth, the sunshine, and blue skies out of it. We want to get outside and have fun with our kids! We want to live some of those moments that create memories we hope will last a lifetime and they will talk about when they have children of their own. Okay, perhaps I am going a bit over the top here but summer has that effect on me!

With one-third of summer behind us, we have many more weeks ahead to enjoy.  Here are some suggestions for things to do and places to go in the Twin Cities that have been kid approved!

Twin Cities Summer, Kids' Activities

1. Centennial Lake Park

Tucked in between Xerxes and France Avenues, this 24-acre urban escape in Edina is considered by many the crown jewel of the Hennepin County Parks.  There is something here to please all age groups and activities that have a strong appeal to kids.  Challenge them to 18 holes of miniature golf...

Weekend Wildcard July 12 & 13th - Untamed Iceland

Iceland Calls

by Kay Nelson

If you were to ask me when the travel bug bit I would say it happened when I was three days old. Consequently, I have visited 32 countries so far. Additionally, my northern European genes have beckoned me to the far northern lands. Scandinavia, Russia, and Churchill Manitoba each was visited during "white night." or midsummer when the sun never sets. Friends asked me if I had been to Iceland before and could not believe  I was staying for 13 days. What would I do that whole time? Is there enough to see and do in Iceland. Well actually, yes indeed there is!

Reykjavik Iceland

Yes, there is a high culture in Reykjavik. Take note of the beautiful, modern concert hall on the bay. The architect of the Harpa Concert Hall got his inspiration from the rock formations in this cave. And here is an interesting connection to the Twin Cities. Music Director of the Minnesota Orchestra, Osmo Vanska, has just been named Principal Guest Conductor of the Iceland Symphony Orchestra!


Weekend Wildcard July 5th & 6th – Twin Cities Guy on a South African Adventure

The Republic of South Africa

Posted by John Martin, Summer Intern for The Minnesota Property Group 

South Africa


Imagine, a guy from Minnesota living in South Africa! Over the past four months, I had the experience of a lifetime.  I studied abroad in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. 

The general population in South Africa consists of 80% Black, 8% Coloured (mixed origins) and 12% white. During the Apartheid Era, which literally means “apartness”, the minority whites oppressed the black population, even though they were the majority. It was only 20 years ago that South Africa had its first democratic election and Nelson Mandela, became the first black president of South Africa.

South Africa is beauty, peace, a diverse culture

South Africa is one of the most beautifully scenic places on earth.  It attracts people from all around the world who come to live peacefully here and make it their home. There are 11 official languages representing the different world heritages. This unique multicultural character has shaped the country’s national identity.

South Africa adopted a new flag in 1994. Its design is made up of 6 colors. Black, green and yellow are found in the banner of the African National Congress, red, white and blue are on the old Transvaal Vierkleur, on the Dutch flag and the flag of the United Kingdom.  I think this new design quite beautiful.


Although climatic zones range from the extreme desert of the southern Namib in...

Happy Birthday America from the Minnesota Property Group

4th of July, Twin Cities, Celebration

Display the American flag.Celebrate patriotism! Watch a 4th of July parade. Eat ice cream. See fireworks. Eat and drink. Be happy. Have Fun. Salute the flag. Kiss a veteran. Sing the Star Spangled Banner. Paint your face. Watch a baseball game. Pledge allegiance. Eat a hot dog. Host a party. Serve barbecue. Wear American flag earrings or a pin. Take a boat ride. Ride a bike. Enjoy a lemonade. Drink beer. Run a 5K. Visit family. Play golf. Go jump in a lake! Sing America the beautiful. Serve a birthday cake with red white and blue candles!  Make a wish. Walk the dog. Raise the flag. Play tennis. Watch the sunrise. Take courage. Go fishing. Watch a patriotic movie like Captain America, Forrest Gump, Apollo 13, or Born on the 4th of July. Sing Yankee Doodle Dandy! Grill a steak. Make some red, white and blueberry popsicles.

Eat more ice cream. Express your patriotism. Sing God Bless America. Play with your kids. Wear a red white and blue T-shirt. Attend a patriotic concert. Go camping. Sing your heart out. Paint your fingernails red white and blue. Ditto to your toenails! Better yet get a tattoo of the American flag. Skip down the street. Whistle. Hug your kids. Be Grateful. Play lawn games. Dance the night away. String red white and blue lights on your patio. Listen to John Philip Sousa’s march The Stars and Stripes Forever. Appreciate your freedom. Have a glass of Sangria. Watch the sunset. Get engaged. Get married. Be born. Dress up like Uncle Sam. Read the Declaration of Independence out loud. Donate to Save the Eagles Foundation. Get an eagle tattoo. Be inspired. Be Joyful. Go on a picnic....

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