Selling Your Home in Minnesota? Partner with the Top Realtor for Maximum Returns

Preparing Your Home to Sell - It's a Journey!

Refresh, Refurbish, Repair or Replace - Oh My!

After you de-clutter and depersonalize, it's time to review your house room by room and neutralize, repair, replace and refresh.  Since you are selling your home, we do not want to invest in expensive repairs or mammoth remodels so our goal is to look for ways to make your house appealing to buyers at minimal cost to you, the seller. Keeping that objective in mind, we want you to Invest your time and money in easy fixes that will pay off by bringing you top dollar for your home!

However, and it cannot be overstated, you may love every color and accept every imperfection, but to a potential buyer, these will be reasons not to purchase your property, make you a low offer, and believe me they will be looking for explanations. We do not want to provide them with any, so let's begin in the home's interior, starting with the kitchen, which can often make or break a sale.

The Yellow Brick Road Leads to the Kitchen 

When it comes to selling your house, the kitchen is the most crucial room to potential buyers, so you want your kitchen to make a good impression.  We want them to envision whipping up their favorite gourmet delights here. So it follows that the kitchen is first and foremost when it comes to getting a good return on your refurbishing investment.  A dated kitchen will probably translate into several thousand dollars less on a buyer's offer.  If this describes your kitchen, we want to update it as economically as possible.

If you have a relatively new kitchen and the cabinets are in good condition, freshen them up with a coat of wax.  If they are old and dated, painting them is an inexpensive option and will go a long way in modernizing the look and feel of the space.  As a bonus, painted cabinets are very trendy right now!  Another great...

Selling Your Home? Be Prepared!

You've Decided You Want to Sell Your Home

You have decided now is the time to make a move and sell your home. As a seller, this is your time!  According to Forbes, 60% of all home sales will be in May-August. Additionally, there is a limited supply of inventory and buyers are out there who are ready and prepared to become homeowners themselves. 

Let's Put Our Best Face On 

Even though the market is tipping in your favor, you need to show it off at its absolute best to sell quickly and get the best price for your home.  You know it's a great house but remember that potential buyers will be looking with a critical eye and comparing your property to others for sale on the market.

To get your house ready to sell, let's look at what I call the two-level approach, the first level being practical, which is the general condition of your property, and the second level the emotional, which is about the aesthetics like curb appeal, livability, and decor.

Let's Talk Practical

On this level, we need to be concerned about structure and mechanicals, the things a home inspection will evaluate, such as:

  • structure                         
  • mechanicals
  • roof
  • plumbing
  • electrical
  • windows and doors

Let's Talk Emotional

Buying and selling a home is an emotional experience. As the seller, you must begin thinking of your home as a house or property. This will enable you to turn a critical eye on each room and area to determine the improvements you need to make so your home will shine.

We also need to be aware of the emotional impact on the buyersCan they envision living here? Are they able to see the property as their "home" and not your home?  We are concerned with the factors potential buyers...