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7 Reasons Selling Your Home Is Not a DIY Project

Should I Hire a Realtor or Sell Myself?

Should I Hire a Realtor or Sell My Home Myself?

When the time comes to sell your home, the temptation to save by doing it yourself can be strong, especially in today's DIY trend. However, selling your home is a complex process, and a DIY sale might not always be the cost-saving strategy you imagine.

Understanding the Challenges of Selling Your Home Yourself

National statistics reveal that only 9% of For Sale By Owner (FSBO) efforts succeed. The complexity of real estate transactions is often underestimated, leading to challenges that can cost sellers time and money.

Why You Might Consider a Realtor

From setting the right price to handling paperwork and dealing with unqualified buyers, a Realtor brings expertise and resources that can streamline the sale process. Here are seven key areas where a Realtor can make a significant difference:

  1. Preparing the Home for Sale: A Realtor can guide you on necessary repairs and staging to appeal to buyers.
  2. Pricing Your Home: Realtors have access to market data to price your home competitively.
  3. Dealing with Unqualified Buyers: Realtors screen potential buyers to focus on serious offers.
  4. Marketing a Home: Effective marketing strategies are crucial, and Realtors have the tools and networks to reach a wide audience.
  5. Negotiations: Realtors negotiate on your behalf, dealing with buyers and their agents to secure the best terms.
  6. Handling Documents: The sale process involves extensive paperwork, which Realtors manage efficiently.
  7. Considering Potential Costs: Realtors cover marketing and...

5 Painless Ways to Save for a Home

How to Save Money and Buy a Home 

Do you want to buy a home but don't have enough saved for a down payment? For some, saving equals sacrifice. Granted, to save you need to spend less but there are ways you can cut expenditures in the short term that you won’t miss and over the long term can help you realize your dream of home ownership. So whether you are a veteran saver or just getting your down payment fund off the ground, consider my 5 painless, no-anesthesia-necessary ways you can start saving today.

1. The Double Play - Improve Your Credit Score

The health of your FICA or Vantage Score has a direct effect on your interest rates. The higher your score, the lower the rate of interest you will pay to borrow money. Individuals with good scores can often negotiate lower rates on credit cards and generally also pay lower auto insurance rates. As an additional incentive, if you are thinking of buying a home, an excellent credit score will not only save you thousands over the life of your mortgage but make it easier to be approved for a loan when the time comes. So in terms of buying your dream home, this is a double play!

2. Evaluate Your Auto Insurance Coverage

Speaking of auto insurance, if you have not reviewed your policy recently, now is a great time. One way to save on monthly premiums is to raise the deductible limits. If your car is older and you own it, perhaps you should consider dropping collision and comprehensive coverage.  It is a good idea to review your auto policy yearly anyway and adjust where necessary.

3. The Hat Trick - Internet, Cable and Phone

Almost all major cable companies today have a purchase plan that combines television, internet and phone service. Combining these 3 services as a bundle will generally lower your monthly costs. An added bonus is simplifying your life with one bill payment instead of three!  Shop around on the internet...