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Why Your MN Home Won't Sell

Real Estate Agent On Why Your Home Won't Sell

When your home is not getting offers in a seller’s market, it is no surprise that you are not in your happy place. It’s not how you expected things to go. You thought it would sell quickly. Now you are asking your realtor why other properties are selling while your listing is growing moss.

Taking more time to sell a home happens all too often. As an agent who has been in the business for 16 years, I have been in this scenario. Here are what I’ve found to be the seven most common reasons a home isn’t selling.

The Price is Too High

The most common reason a home is not moving even in a market favorable to sellers is incorrect pricing.  At the listing time, your realtor should do a market analysis of properties comparable to yours that recently sold. The price comparison is the best method to determine the asking price.

There are times sellers disagree and insist their home is worth more. There are often factors that the seller didn’t consider that affect the value. To neutralize the adverse effect of imperfections, a price adjustment is necessary. The price of a home should align with its condition.

Buyers today are savvy, and most of them are working with agents who also do a market analysis to determine home values. This helps buyers arrive at a fair price to offer a seller based on both the market and the condition of the house they want to buy. 

Online Photos are Poor Quality

The first introduction a prospective buyer has of your home is the photos they see online. If they are not professional quality, they are not doing you justice as a seller. Online images that are dark, blurry, turned sideways, or upside down is not acceptable.

Inadequate Marketing

If you thought all agents were the same, this is where you find out that is not true. How and where your realtor markets your home can make a difference...