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Have You Got Attitude? 9 Ways to Inspire Yours

Thoughts for the Weekend

Our attitude is extremely important to our behavior yet how much time do we really spend thinking about the condition of our “attitude”?  For that matter, how often are we even aware of our attitude on a specific day, hour or minute.  Yet, we talk about attitude quite a lot and common phrases in our language revolve around attitude.  For instance, you have a bad attitude, you need an attitude adjustment, or you have too much attitude!

Our attitude affects how we think, act, relate to others, and how we approach and solve life’s problems. Witnessing a positive attitude at work is a beautiful thing! We are drawn to those who have mastered that discipline, hoping they will inspire us, offer us guidance and lead us into the light, because people with a positive attitude are generally happier and more successful.

Today’s fast paced and sophisticated world certainly presents us with constant challenges. Maintaining a positive attitude is not always easy, even for those who are naturally positive and upbeat.  Yes the dark side is always pulling at us, especially when life throws us a curve ball.

We cannot always control what happens to us, but we do have control of how we deal with a challenging situation.  I will be the first to admit it is not always easy. As much as I try, there are times my own attitude needs attention. Today I went looking for inspiration and found some in unexpected places. Here are the words of wisdom I uncovered.

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