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Selling Homes in Winter

Selling homes in Winter

You just landed your dream job in Minnesota, and while you are over the moon at the prospect, you are not so happy about selling your home in the slowest season of the year for real estate, winter. While there are many aspects involving a significant lifestyle change that you can obsess over, don't allow listing your house to be among them.

Winter home sales in Minnesota

Real estate is not a seasonal business. People buy and sell homes fifty-two weeks a year because life doesn't come to a halt when the temperatures drop and snow flies. All the aspects that necessitate a need to relocate, be it cross country or across town, do not happen exclusively in the year's warmer months. Both advantages and disadvantages are inherent in listing a home for sale in all four seasons. One factor remains constant; presenting your home in its best light will result in quicker deals and higher prices.

When Selling in the winter, accentuate the positive home features

Does your home have features that shine in the winter months? Be sure your potential buyers know about them. Examples include:

  • High-efficiency furnaces
  • Newer energy-efficient windows and doors
  • Extra insulation
  • Solar thermal systems
  • Radiant floors in bathrooms 
  • Four season sunrooms
  • A heated garage
  • Heated walkways and driveway to eliminate ice and snow

Tips for Minnesota winter open houses and buyer tours

  • Turn on your gas or electric fireplace. Remember, anything that makes your home warm and welcoming is an excellent asset in winter. 
  • Brew a pot of tea and set it out with a platter of cookies. Simmer spices such as cinnamon and cloves with orange peels in a small pot in the kitchen. 
  • Open the curtains. Turn on the lamps. Let as much light in as possible. Even bright and sunny homes can appear dark in the...