Listen To Your Agent for a Smooth Home Selling Experience

If you Know A Great MN Realtor, Listen to Them

Listen to your agent is probably the #1 best piece of home selling advice you will ever hear. Consider the reasons you hired him in the first place. You were impressed with his years of experience. Over his career, he has sold thousands of homes, and he knows what works and what does not. When a house doesn’t sell, he can tell you why and what to do to fix it. He can also tell you what not to do from the beginning.

Here are some great pieces of advice that you should hear from your agent when you list your home. Would you please take it seriously? The sale of a home is a stressful process, but a few easy steps can lead to a smooth and seamless experience. Listen to your agent. He wants what’s best for you.

To put you on the inside track, here are three examples of home selling advice that are universally true.

Price Your Home to the Market

During your listing presentation, the agent should include a market analysis of your home. The evaluation should have a recommendation for the listing price for your home. He will arrive at that number by comparing your home to the most recent sales of comparable properties in your neighborhood. If you think his suggestion is lower than your expectation, ask questions.

Listen to your agent. He will point out the reasons for the difference what he feels your house will sell for less. Perhaps your kitchen and home décor have not been updated for 30 years, and your neighbor just did a complete kitchen and bath remodel. Your home may have an old furnace or a roof that is at the end of its lifecycle, and your neighbor’s property just had a high-efficiency heater installed this year and the house re-roofed the year before.

All aspects that determine value must be considered when setting the selling price. Listen to your agent. Your best interest is what will drive his success. You both have the same goal. Sell fast and for the best price.

Be Accommodating as Humanly Possible.

No one knows better than your Realtor that selling a home is stressful and compromises a homeowner's privacy. But getting as many buyers through the door as possible is key to a successful selling experience. Listen to your agent when he suggests you keep your home ready for a showing at the last minute. There are times when 24 hours notice will be impossible for a buyer, especially if they are from out of town.

Leave Your Home for Showings 

A hovering homeowner is one of the last things a prospective buyer wants to deal with when touring a home. It’s uncomfortable looking into nooks and crannies with the current owner looking over your shoulder. Even if you stay in one room or outside, your presence is a distraction from the one thing the buyers should be concentrating on, and that is can they envision themselves living in your home. Listen to your agent when he says, “go take Bruno for a walk,” or go for a drive.

Remove Your Pets

Selling a home with your furry housemates can be tricky. You love your pets but keep in mind buyers may feel differently. A barking dog might have a buyer turning around and never coming in the door. Perhaps someone has a cat allergy. Some people, believe it or not, do not like the idea of animals in a home. The absolute best option is to board your pets with a family member or friend. If that is impossible, listen to your agent and remove your Duke and Princess from home during showings along with their beds, bowls, toys, and blankets.

It’s possible that events can occur that might blindside the best agents. However, listen to your agent; he has a wealth of home selling knowledge at his fingertips.  


#1 By glenn walke at 9/12/2019 0:32 PM

I thought the tip that you gave to leave your home while you have people checking out was helpful. My wife and I are going to sell our home this fall because we need to move in with my mom to help her with taking care of herself, and it would be important that we could sell it quickly. When we have people check out our house, I will be sure to leave for a while, so they could check it out the best.

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