MN Summer Activities List

A Top Real Estate Agents Idea for Summer Fun in MN

Summer has returned to the Northern Hemisphere. Here in Minneapolis, the tundra, we feel our glorious summer is the reward we deserve for getting past a long, frosty, biting, snowy, punishing winter. Ok, you get it – it’s cold here for a substantial portion of the year.

I’ll make the concession that all seasons of the year have their particular charms and recommendations. But, making the most of summer, filling every day with pleasures of the season, comes with the territory here in Minnesota. My summer list consists mainly of simple pleasures, with a touch of the exotic to shake it up a bit.  

MN is the Land of 10,000 Lakes

Now coming from a resident of the land of 10,000 lakes (actually, it’s more like 11,842), it’s no surprise that water plays a dominant role in summer. Swimming, boating, fishing, sailing are all popular activities enjoyed on Minnesota lakes in the summer months. 

Go on a picnic. Attend a concert in the park. Play mini-golf. Play tennis. Run a marathon. Walk the dog. Play catch with kids. Ride a swing. Go rollerblading. Go surfing. Drink lemonade or ice tea. 

Be happy as a Realtor.

Host a clam boil, a shrimp boil, or even a lobster boil if you feel flush with cash. However, in the spirit of disclosure, having consumed my fair share of clam boils living on the east coast for many years, I can honestly say I never met a clam that was happy to be part of the festivities. 

Visit a national park on free park day. 

Toast marshmallows around your firepit.

Take a hot air balloon ride.

Attend a baseball game.

Plant a vegetable garden.

Rock a Birkenstock.

We were first introduced many years ago in a shop named Aquarius. My young hippie self found you nestling comfortably among the beads, Indian print skirts, and tie-dyed tees. Dull and brown, you didn’t have much going for you in the looks department, but you sure knew how to cosset my feet in comfort. After that, we became a regular thing and were seen together everywhere; shopping, at concerts, family events, cookouts, and the beach. Then you went away for a long time.

Now Birkenstocks are back, baby! Despite their orthopedic dowdiness, fashionistas have these miracles of foot-cradling comfort trending again, and I couldn’t be happier! 

Be a kid again.

Read a summer novel by the pool. Have a tropical backyard party.

Sell your house or buy your first home. Yeah, I know I’m shameless but, we need to keep busy!

String some fairy lights on the deck. Walk barefoot in the grass. Visit a farmers market. Pick some wildflowers. Walk in the rain. Embrace the moment. 

Trick out your wine.

Sangria and summer. Check out some recipes to try at your next summer party, or keep some on hand for your enjoyment! You’ll find Sangria recipes in abundance curated with love on my Pinterest board Cheers.Embrace Your Frizz. Summertime living should be easy. If you have curly or wavey hair,  I feel your pain. In the summer, don’t fight it. There are worse things in life than looking like a poodle.   

Go Camping.

Take the kids to a waterpark.

Convert your porch, patio, or deck into a summer oasis.

Get out the flip-flops and flaunt those red toenails.

Play tourist. Take a walking tour of Minneapolis or Saint Paul. 

Get a slip and slide.

Pitch a tent in the backyard. Play Lawn games. Cornhole is very popular right now. Listen to an audiobook. Binge-watch. I’m currently into Lucifer and Stranger Things.  Take a hike. Try a hidden gem of a restaurant. Go to the state fair. Take a day trip. Make your popsicles

Take a nap in a hammock. Organize a neighborhood block party. Organize a family reunion. Take a vacation. Can’t afford a vacation?  Staycation and see the local sights.

Eat ice cream in a cone.

Sure, you can eat ice cream year-round, but there is something special about licking it as it melts off the side of the cone. While we are on the subject, when was the last time you bought a treat from a truck that cruised down the street playing music?

Dine al fresco. Watch an outdoor movie. Take the kids to an amusement park. Ride your bike.

Attend an art fair. Catch fireflies. Gaze at the stars. Have the most rockin’ summer of your life!

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