Five Reasons The Minnesota Property Group Team is Extraordinary

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Real estate in MN is the story about homes and about the people and the families that live and love in them. It is also about the real estate professional helping a family sell or buy a home and whether it is their first home or their last, the agent has a golden opportunity to become a hero in their narrative. Here at the Minnesota Property Group, we have a few heroes! Talking about them, even bragging a little bit, is the favorite part of my job as the content creator.

Five uniquely talented professionals came together as a team with one common goal; providing the best service by treating each client like a member of your family. (This paid off in July 2016 with being recognized as "America's Best Real Estate Agents" by Real Trends, a designation given to less than 1% of agents and teams nationally.) We already heard from Joe Houghton, the RE/MAX Results agent that leads this team. He is the one prominent reason this group is the best. It is his vision and plan that moves the team forward and inspires them to grow and reach their full potential not only as individual agents but as part of the team.  The four other reasons this team is extraordinary are members, Derek Irving, Mike Milne, Andrew Klinkner and Paul Mcquire who make up the strength of this great team. Here are their stories. 

Mike Milne 

My real estate story is one of appreciation. This past year completed my third in real estate and by all accounting it was fantastic! Every transaction brings a new situation and challenge. This is the opportunity that allows me to evolve in this business. I’m inspired to learn and improve because I know this will result in better service for my next client as I help them with the purchase or sale of a home.

What I love most about my work is that each person I meet has their own unique story, and it is truly an honor to be part of their next chapter. Nothing feels better than knowing you are making a positive impact on a client's home purchase or home sale. Being a hero is awesome!  Who doesn’t want to feel like one right?

Another reason I love my work is being a member of this team of good-hearted and dedicated people. They are always there to support you every step of the way, and given the pressures inherent in this business, it is a definite benefit.  In Joe, I have a team leader that generously shares his knowledge and experience. He is a great motivator, inspiring me to grow in the business. Who doesn’t want to get better? I never want to be described as mediocre, I want to be great!

Given the market situation for the last 2 years, Realtors need to be aggressive in all aspects of pulling a deal together. There is a high level of urgency to not only find the right home but to see that property as soon as it hits the market.  You have to be prepared to put offers together quickly and advise your client on how to be in a position to close the right deal. This urgency has certainly made me a better Realtor but I also realize it must be tempered with patience.  Serving the best interest of my client is something I will never sacrifice for expediency. My motto in this business: my goal is not to sell my client a house, but to help them find their home. That is what motivates me in every transaction.

My goals for next year are quite simple. First to continue to love my work and be true to myself and my clients. Learn more, care more and focus on a dedication to providing the best customer service on the planet.

Client Recommendation 

"My wife and I had Mike help us sell our home. He was very helpful and worked with us to make sure we had the home priced right and ready to sell fast. He did a great job handling negotiations with the buyer’s agent and made sure the sale went as quick and as smooth as possible. I would highly recommend Mike to anyone buying or selling their home. He is always generous with his time and was extremely knowledgeable about the market conditions. Buying or selling a home can be stressful, but I wouldn't know because Mike made the process easy and fun!"

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