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Why Early Spring is The Best Time Sell Your Twin Cities Home

Spring has officially arrived!  Birds singing, flowers blooming, temperatures rising and “Home for Sale” signs popping up on front lawns like mushrooms in the forest after a rain shower. Now I have not seen any robins yet at my bird feeder, no crocus popping their colorful little heads out of the dirt or forsythia in bloom. What I have witnessed is platoons of serious home buyers out in the market place. Sounds like we have an active market filled with buyers holding pre-approvals, down payments and closing costs in their eager ready-to-buy hands. Isn’t that great? Let’s take a closer look and see why the best time to sell your Twin Cities home is in the early spring.

Real Estate Supply and Demand in the Twin Cities

What we typically have in the Twin Cities real estate market is an imbalance. We don't usually see very many “Home for Sale” signs but we have many ready and eager buyers chasing down the ones that do pop up. What does that mean exactly to you as a potential seller? Good news! we generally have a market that strongly favors sellers with homes often getting multiple offers that may even exceed the asking price.

Sell Your Twin Cities Home When the Market Favors the Sellers

Are market conditions in the Twin Cities going to be favorable to sellers in 2018? That answer would be a resounding, emphatic and enthusiastic YES!

Best Time to Buy A Move Up Home in The Twin Cities

Perhaps when you bought your charming little home It was just the one or two of you. Now after that second or third child, and the dogs and everyone’s stuff looking for storage space your home no longer meets the current or future needs of your family. If you have been holding off waiting for property values to rise, or market conditions to be right, that time has arrived. The good news about buying a home right now and hopefully next Spring, is that when you buy your move-up home, you will still be able to take advantage of those favorable and attractive below 4% interest rates. That is a win-win if ever I heard one!

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Now Might Be the Best Time to Sell Your Home and Downsize

Maybe Downton Abbey is a slight exaggeration but if you are an empty nester with the kids all grown and creating their own dynasties, this may be the perfect time to downsize. Selling that large family residence for something smaller means lower costs, less cleaning, decreased maintenance, less responsibility and more money in the bank and time to enjoy it.  With interest rates expected to start heading upward as the year progresses, the perfect time to make that lifestyle change might be today.

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The Perfect Buyer for Your Home is Looking to Buy Now

Did you once think your home was exactly what you wanted only to find after living in it you had buyer remorse? It may be that you have a great house but just not great for you. Maybe you always wanted to live in a certain neighborhood or a particular community and never got past the feeling of longing for that place. Or it could be that you changed jobs and the new commute is taking a big bite out of your time. Did you once long for the quiet life in the suburbs only to discover you are a true urban personality or vice versa? Whatever the reason, if you are not emotionally attached to your home now, It may be the perfect opportunity to change that and buy a property that you love and will meet your needs for years to come.

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The Spring is a Good Time for Lifestyle Changes

If you have been dreaming of changing your life style but the responsibility of paying for your home has held you back, now may be the perfect window of opportunity to realize that dream. Have you always wanted a cabin on a lake up North and now have enough equity in your home to buy a more modest residence and finance that weekend retreat as well? Do you dream of traveling around the country or the world for a couple of years and not be tied down to the responsibility of a home? Perhaps you feel drawn to another part of the country, a different climate or experience and have been waiting for the right moment to sell and move. Maybe you want to change careers for one that is more satisfying to your spirit but not as financially lucrative and need a more modest home to fit your more modest budget.

Of course, only you and your family can decide if this is the right time to sell your home. Everyone’s situation is unique and every lifestyle change presents new opportunities and challenges.  Before you decide all systems are go, make sure you have your finances all worked out, enough equity in your home, and a plan to sell quickly, as seamlessly as possible and for the best price.  An experienced professional can help you with that part of the equation.

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