Use Hygge to Sell Your House

Use Hygge to Sell Your House

Did you know that Sperling’s Best Places named Minneapolis the third best city for hygge in America?  Now you do. Don’t get me wrong; we are not turning our nose up at the third-place award to Seattle #1 and Portland #2. However, some of us think with more people of Scandinavian heritage in the Twin Cities and colder winters, we should be #1 when it comes to getting our hygge mojo working.

What does hygge even mean, and how do you pronounce it?

By now, you have probably at least heard the term hygge. It is a Danish concept that has created a considerable buzz in the home décor market. But it is not just about decorating; it’s a lifestyle. It is a concept of embracing simple pleasures. The Danes, being awesome people, created hygge in the 18 century, and it remains an integral part of their culture today.

The word is pronounced “hue-gah.” Frequently defined as coziness, and in the Oxford English Dictionary as “to keep or make oneself snug.” So hygge also reflects a feeling of safeness and warmth. The critical thing to note is that even with long winters and limited hours of daylight, Danes are considered the world’s happiest people. Since you want buyers to be the most satisfied people when they tour your home, let’s hit them with some hygge.

Soft, Warm, Snug Cozy

Hygge decorating is about texture. Soft materials that provide warmth and comfort are essential. Aspects of this decorating style that you can pull together in staging your home for winter are knits, fur or velvet pillows, soft fuzzy throws of soft merino wool or cashmere, and fluffy rugs. Hygge is about color too. Whites and soft greys are perfect wall colors. White woodwork or natural light woods are perfect compliments. The color scheme should be neutral and mix grays, browns, white, and black. Warm wood furnishings fit in perfectly with this décor style as well. Other aspects of hygge include candles, a fireplace, and soft lighting.

Set the stage and close the sale with Hygge

Consider replacing your bath towels with large fluffy white ones and turn your bathroom into a hygge retreat. If you have a soaking tub, surround it with some candles and fragrant soaps. Create a scene that will automatically make buyers think that a soak in that tub is the perfect ending to a long day. Create a reading nook. A comfy chair, a chaise lounge, or a rocking chair with soft pillows or fleece throw, preferably by the window, for natural light and a view of nature. If you have an open house, which I highly recommend, serve a hot cup of aromatic tea or mulled cider. If you bake some cookies or cinnamon buns, it will fill your home with a beautiful hygge aroma and provide a snack for your open house guests. If you have a fireplace, or two, be sure to have a fire going. A nearby sofa or chair will entice potential buyers to sit and enjoy the ambiance, and hopefully, they will never want to leave, which is precisely the point!

Don't Overlook Winter Curb Appeal 

Carry your hygge theme outdoors as well. Hang a tasteful wreath on the front door. Add a planter of winter greenery and a small, simple chair if space allows. If you have window boxes, fill them with spruce and pine branches mixed with holly berries to play up that winter appeal.

Don’t overlook the importance of keeping walkways clear of ice and snow and the driveway as well. One experience you don’t need is a potential buyer slipping on a patch of ice. That will undoubtedly make a lasting impression, but not the one you had hoped to create.

Hygge Is More Than Décor

Keep in mind that hygge is about warmth and comfort. Any of the following would be hot-selling points. High-efficiency furnace, excited insulation with 2 X 6 construction, energy-efficient windows, and solar thermal systems are much more customers appreciate during the cold months.

Not to be overlooked, a heated garage, radiant heated bathroom floors, winterized sunrooms, and heated walkways and driveway are amenities you want to be talking up with buyers.

Winter is a great time to sell a home, and if yours has a high level of hygge, it might be the best time of all. Just remember that no matter when you sell, a priority is to present your home at its absolute best. Accentuate the positive and let your home shine! 

Thanks for reading, as always. 

The Minnesota Property Group "we love hygge" team

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