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Sell Your Home with Remax Results and the Minnesota Property Group

The beginning of a new year is a beautiful thing! It is a perfect opportunity to review the past 12 months and compare it to the previous 12 and celebrate the success we have achieved. It is a time when we can continue to grow and to show you why you should sell your home with remax results and the Minnesota Property Group. Also, as we learn what worked well and what did not, we are in a better position to focus our energy in the coming year where we may have fallen short of our goals. For many of us it is the fresh start we need to clean the debris field of the old year and start with a clean slate for the new while for others it’s the beginning of another cycle of building on past achievements, adjusting priorities as well as setting new goals. To me it is like a pool of crystal clear still water waiting for me to stick my toes in and create some ripples, or maybe jump in with my whole being and create a huge splash!   

The Minnesota Property Group Team How to Market Your Home for Sale in the Twin Cities

For The Minnesota Property Group, it was another outstanding year of showing the Twin Cities how to market your home for sale. We started some great new projects last year that we want to build on, improve and expand. The re-launch of the mls home search site just a year ago was a great improvement and user feedback has been very positive. The site has a great tool that enables you to search for your new home by any parameter you can imagine. We plan continue to tweak the site and add new, original relevant content to help our clients through the process of buying or selling a home. Thanks in part to the continued comeback in the Real Estate market, my team and I saw another record year of selling homes in the Twin Cities. Kudos to Mike MilneDerek Irving and Andrew Klinkner

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Becoming one of the best Real Estate Blogs in the Twin Cities

We are very proud of our Minneapolis-St. Paul Real Estate blog where we share not only our advice on all things real estate, but the best news, happenings and information about our wonderful Twin Cities Metro. We are quickly becoming one of the best real estate blogs in the Twin Cities. Because we believe that our commitment to our clients continues after they move into their new home, this year we want to keep the good blog stuff flowing and mix it up with some great home décor ideas, and offer up some hints and products to make life at home more beautiful, inspiring and organized. To that end, Marketing Director and blogger for the team Linda Medeiros will be scouring the web and curating the best ideas from popular home and decorating sites and passing it on to you. 

The Minnesota Property Group Real Estate Guide

This past year we continued publishing and distributingThe Minnesota Property Group Real Estate Guide. Not only do we dish up some great news and information in our real estate newspaper publication, but it is another facet of my marketing plan for selling your home. Currently we distribute our newspaper to homes in Wayzata and Plymouth.The plan is to keep our bimonthly publication going strong in 2016 and increase our readership. You can find the complete article from the front page of our news paper on our blog.

The Minnesota Property Group

We take the responsibility of selling a home for our clients very seriously. Because we know that 93% of all home sales begin on the internet, we do everything we can to feature your home to its best advantage on our website as well as be everywhere you need us to be on social media. This past year we expanded our marketing plan to include drone photography and 3D Virtual Tours. Our goal to build on these great tools will be to layer on scripted video walk through tours and step up our game on Facebook and Pinterest, 2 Social media platforms that continue to grow in popularity with potential home owners.

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As we shifted our priorities last year, our ambitions for an email newsletter was placed on the back burner. It’s back on our screen for 2016 as we endeavor to increase our accessibility to our past, present and future clients. We also want to launch some fun stuff like contests, yes with real prizes!  And what else? Well we just don’t know everything and that is exciting in and of itself. We are always open to new options and strategies as the year progresses, because we believe that remaining fluid and ready to shift gears and priorities enables us to best serve the needs of our clients.

I Love Minnesota

So here we go headlong into the new year! Optimism is high and at full throttle at The Minnesota Property Group. Bring it on 2018 because the team is ready and plans to do it bigger and better than last year because we believe that 2016 will offer 365 opportunities for us to be totally awesome!

If you have any questions or need a free evaluation of your home’s value in today’s market please call, text or shoot me an email.  

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