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My Best Advice For First-Time Home Buyers

My Best Advice For First-Time Home Buyers

Joy. Joy is the first word I think of when I hear the term first-time home buyer. It’s what my wife and I felt moving into our first house. It’s what I always hope my clients feel at closing because buyer remorse has never been on anyone’s bucket list.

The process of buying a house has a lot of moving parts and involves many people. It can be stressful and intimidating even when it’s going well. When the pieces do not fall into place as you expect, it will be frustrating and even overwhelming on occasion.

Over the years, I have shared all those emotions with my clients on their journey to home-ownership. No two experiences are ever the same. However, it becomes glaringly evident that buyers who have the best outcomes are those that are most prepared. Knowledge is power. Here is some of my primo advice if you are buying your first home or even your last.

Make an Appointment with a Mortgage Broker

Before you get serious at looking for a home, you need to know if you qualify for a mortgage and how much the bank will lend you. You will also discuss what type of mortgage will best suit your financial circumstances and how you can receive the best interest rate. Shopping lenders is wise. Some offer better deals and options. A half-point or even a quarter-point less on your rate can generate significant savings over the life of your loan.

Decide How Much You Can Afford

The amount your mortgage lender is willing to finance may be more than you can comfortably afford. Make sure your mortgage payment and other monthly...

Home Features That Make Buyers Fall in Love

What Home Buyers in Minnesota Want 

For most people, their home is not only the roof over their heads; it is the most valuable financial asset they possess. As such, sellers should expect to make the most profit possible from its sale. With this goal in mind, if you are a seller preparing to put your house on the market, it is essential to consider what features buyers view most favorably.

Things for Home Sellers in MN to Consider

In the process of getting your home in tip-top shape for the market, you may plan to do some upgrades. That's a good idea, providing you do not go overboard on improvements. To spend your money wisely, it pays to know what features make a buyer's heart beat faster when looking at homes. Here are some of the features that turn lookers into buyers.

Laundry Room

Color me surprised, but a separate laundry room has become a game-changer with homebuyers in recent years. A dedicated laundry room was the number one feature in a National Association of Home Builders survey, with 91 percent of buyers saying, "I need one!" If you have the washer and dryer in the basement, as many people do, consider kicking the space up a notch with some cabinetry, shelving, and a folding table.

Hardwood Floors

According to a 2019 survey by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), 83% of buyers prefer wood floors. If you sell a home with hardwood floors under wall-to-wall carpeting, it makes sense to rip it out and refinish the floors. If your carpeting is begging for a replacement, upgrade to wood, engineered wood, or laminate flooring. 

Updated Kitchen

Newer kitchens are on just about every buyer's wish list. Spending some money on modernizing an outdated kitchen can reap the most rewards. There are several cost-effective ways you can accomplish this without breaking the bank, especially if you are handy and willing to do some of the work yourself.

  • Paint your cabinets....

How to Move to Minnesota

Moving to Minnesota

It’s a sure bet that we can all agree that moving is a stressful life event. However, a process will make a move emotionally and physically easier. You can transform moving day from a potentially stressful experience into a fun event with the correct attitude. Yes, it is true. I know these things because I have moved 22 different times in my life and five times over the last eleven years. Sounds exhausting, right? Not really. I like to move most of the time, and I was excited and optimistic. It was an adventure, and I was up for the challenge. Stressful? Some stress is expected, but it can be rewarding if you focus on the positive change ahead, be it a new job, a new city, a new neighborhood, or a newly purchased home.

Advice from a Top Team of Relocation Realtors in MN

In addition to having a positive attitude, there are other steps you can take to make a move go smoothly. Here are my best tips for moving without losing your mind in the process.


Good organization is critical to the success of the entire movie. Make a plan with a timeline for all the essential steps involved in the process, such as hiring a mover, packing, turning on the electricity, and setting up your WIFI. Everything will fall into place when you develop a great plan and stick to it.

Professional Mover or Friends?

I’ve made several professional moves and used family and friends who worked for pizza and beer. If you do not have much furniture, moving with friends can transform your moving day into a party. Just keep two things in mind: it will take longer than you expect, and don’t crack open the beer until the very end.

If it’s not your first rodeo, you have most likely acquired furnishings and many possessions. I suggest hiring professionals to move you. It will be money well spent, and saving yourself a mountain of stress is priceless....

7 Great Tips For Selling Your House in the Fall

Unlock the Secrets to Selling Your Home This Fall with Minnesota's Best Realtor

Secrets to Selling Your Home This Fall with Minnesota's Best Realtor

As the leaves begin to turn and the air grows crisp, it's clear that autumn in Minnesota is not just a season of change but a season of opportunity for home sellers. If you've been contemplating whether this is the right time to sell your home, let the expertise of Minnesota's best realtor guide you through a successful sale this fall. With the Twin Cities real estate market remaining robust and analysts hailing this as one of the most favorable times in the last 15 years to sell, the autumn season offers a unique window of opportunity.

Why Fall Is the Prime Time to Sell in Minnesota

Autumn brings a special kind of magic to Minnesota, not just in the natural beauty of its landscapes but also in the dynamics of its real estate market. The fall season is the second-best time of the year for home sales, with a decrease in inventory levels enhancing your chances of finding the right buyer. Moreover, a diverse pool of buyers, including millennials, empty nesters, and those relocating for jobs, are actively searching for homes, driven by the allure of low interest rates and easier mortgage approvals.

7 Expert Tips for Selling Your Home This Autumn

1. Enhance Your Autumn Curb Appeal

First impressions are everything. Elevate your home's exterior with seasonal decorations like chrysanthemums and pumpkins, ensuring your property stands out as warm and inviting.

2. Stage Your Home with Fall in Mind

Inside, incorporate the rich, cozy colors of fall through accents and décor, making every room an inviting space that potential buyers can envision themselves in.

3. Create a Cozy Atmosphere

Emphasize the comfort of your home with soft...

Minneapolis North Loop

Itasca Lofts in The North Loop of Minneapolis 

When you enter this remarkable loft at 708 N 1st Street in the Historic and award-winning Itasca Building, you immediately notice the blend of natural light, dramatic timber, and brick. The unique architectural combination of modern design and historic elements creates an atmosphere that is both dramatic and intimate.

A True Minneapolis Loft 

Do you crave the urban lifestyle? Does exposed brick, wood floors, soaring ceilings, lots of light, views of the city, the romance of the Mississippi Riverfront, and the North Loop right outside your door make your heart beat faster? Then you might fall in love with this fabulous loft too. 

Location – The North Loop

The North Loop is known as the trendiest neighborhood in Minneapolis. It has excellent restaurants like the Spoon and Stable and Bachelor Farmer. Beautiful boutiques, hip bars, and Whole Foods. The Mississippi River outside your door with walking and biking trails. It's also a neighborhood steeped in historical significance.

Known as the warehouse district, the area just north of downtown Minneapolis was once a center of commerce for over 100 years. By the '60s and '70s, the neighborhood had fallen into decay. In the '80s, there was a renaissance when developers began to restore and rescue the old industrial warehouses, repurposing them into chic lofts and desirable retail space.  

The transformation continues, and the North Loop is the fastest growing neighborhood in the city. "Best Neighborhood" from Mpls/St. Paul Magazine and CityPages, 12th hippest neighborhood in America by Forbes, and "coolest...

How to Write a Winning Offer in a Seller's Market

How to Write a Winning Offer in a Seller's Market

Forget the spin. Take off the rose-colored glasses too. Let's be honest. Most buyers are hoping to score a home at the current real estate market's lower pricing tiers and face fierce competition, creating a process fraught with disappointment.

That's the bad news. But I am by nature a confident guy, a problem solver, and a believer in the philosophy that winners never quit. So here is the good news. A buyer with a savvy agent can write an offer that a seller will find hard to refuse.

Be Ready to Act Fast

Desirable properties often have multiple offers a couple of days after hitting the market. There is no margin of error for indecisiveness or being unprepared to offer a hot property as quickly as possible. That means you should not even consider offering a home if you do not have a preapproval letter from an accredited lender.  

Don't Be Coy

In this market, you can feel reasonably confident that if you have fallen in love with a home, so have other buyers. The occasion calls for an assertive approach, not a timid one. Open with your best offer, which should equal the asking price or higher. Your real estate professional will provide insights based on competitive properties also for sale in the neighborhood and homes that have already sold.

Go Above and Beyond

Let the sellers know your degree of commitment by upping the earnest money to 3% of the sale price. Doing so will instill seller confidence that you will not be likely to walk away from the deal since you have more money at risk. Another enticement is to make the earnest money offer non-refundable should you as the buyer cause the value to fall apart for any reason.

However, let me insert a caveat here. Consider the option carefully and talk it over with your agent and lender. You would need to prepare to forgo other contingencies to make this work.

It Isn't Only About Money.

Another way...

Prepare to Sell Your Home in the Spring

Ultimate Guide to Sell Your Twin Cities Home

Are you considering selling your home in Minneapolis or St. Paul? The Twin Cities real estate market is unique, offering diverse opportunities for sellers, whether you're in bustling neighborhoods or serene suburbs. This guide provides essential tips and strategies to effectively sell your Twin Cities home, ensuring you navigate the market with confidence.

Understand the Twin Cities Real Estate Market

The first step in selling your home is understanding the Twin Cities real estate market. The market trends in Minneapolis might differ slightly from those in St. Paul, with varying demand levels, property values, and buyer preferences. Stay informed about local real estate trends, including average home prices, days on market, and inventory levels. This knowledge will help you price your home competitively and market it effectively.

Prepare Your Home for Sale

Preparing your home for sale is crucial to attract potential buyers and secure the best possible offer. Consider making necessary repairs and upgrades that will enhance your home's appeal. Staging your home, both inside and out, can also make a significant difference. Professional staging highlights your home's strengths, making it more inviting to prospective buyers.

Marketing Your Home

To sell your Twin Cities home quickly and for the best price, effective marketing is key. High-quality photos and virtual tours can showcase your home's best features. Utilize online platforms, social media, and traditional marketing methods to reach a broad audience. Highlighting the unique aspects of your home and neighborhood, such as nearby parks, schools, and amenities, can also attract more interest.

Pricing Strategy

Setting the right price for your Twin Cities home is...

7 Steps To Buy A Home

7 Steps To Buy A Home

Seven steps to buying a home in the Twin Cities. Buying a home in Minnesota is an adventure; however, you need a plan before you dive into the housing market. Buying real estate is a journey, and the road to homeownership is rarely a straight line from point A to point B. Often the route is a winding mountain road with hills and valleys, twists and turns but worth the effort to reach the top. Having your path mapped out from start to finish will help you avoid obstacles and delays. Completing each portion of the journey before proceeding to the next will build confidence in the process. Here are my 7 Steps for a successful home buying experience.

Shop For a Mortgage 

Now it’s time to find a lender. Of course, your first instinct is to secure a mortgage at the lowest possible rate. Don’t get me wrong that is extremely important. But customer service also matters. The variety of programs offered will make finding a loan that meets your particular financial situation easier.

Obtain a Pre-Approval

A mortgage banker will review your financial documents and run your credit. Then she can tell you how much you can borrow, the rate, terms, and estimate of closing costs. You are going to gather two years of tax returns, 1-2 months of pay stubs, 1-3 months of bank statements, other asset documentation, debt statements, a copy of your driver’s license, proof of residence of the last two years for your appointment. Hopefully, you will walk out with a preapproval so you can start shopping for a home.

Choose the Best Real Estate, Professional

There is no good reason for a buyer not to work with a professional when buying a home. Find one with experience, ...

Comparison of New Home Options

Overview and Comparison of New Home Options

For most of us, homeownership remains an essential element of the American dream. For some, that dream is for a newly constructed home. It’s not difficult to see why some people aspire to live in a new home instead of a pre-owned property.

Buying a new home means not having to live with and correct other people’s choices in décor and style. It means having “smart” home features built-in and building materials that meet the safety standards of today’s regulations. It means all new and clean appliances and fixtures, HVAC systems, roofs, and siding, which keeps the cost of maintaining the home low.

There are three options for those who dream of owning a new home: tract homes, spec homes, and custom homes. They range in price from the starter home level to the “sky’s the limit” luxury housing. So even if your budget is limited, it doesn’t mean you can’t afford a new house.

Tract Homes

The largest category of new homes for sale is tract homes. They are generally built by large residential home construction companies with a regional, state, or national footprint. The contractor buys a large tract of land, makes streets, puts in utilities, separates the area into buildable house lots, and begins building homes.

Generally, a buyer of a tract home will have a few models available to choose from, each with a set floor plan. Custom choices will include paint colors, flooring, cabinets, and fixtures, but selections will often be limited to those in the builder’s design center.

Tract builders will often have a staged model home in each subdivision. They also will build homes before they have buyers and generally have houses you can see in various stages of construction.

Tract homes are available at lower pricing tiers up to the high end of the market, depending...

Sell Your House Fast With These 15 Tips

15 Curb Appeal Tips to Sell Your Home Fast in the Twin Cities Western Suburbs

15 Curb Appeal Tips to Sell Your Home Fast in the Twin Cities 

Maximize your home's first impression with expert local realtor advice.

Make a Lasting First Impression

Your home's exterior is pivotal in attracting offers and determining the speed of your sale. Ensure your home's curb appeal is top-notch with these strategies:

  1. Power Wash Perfection: Clean your home's exterior and windows to make them sparkle.
  2. Door Delight: Paint your front door a vibrant color for a welcoming entrance.
  3. Welcoming Walkway: Refresh your welcome mat with a bright, stylish option or a DIY design.
  4. Floral Flourishes: Add flower baskets and pots near your entrance for color and charm.
  5. Hardware Shine: Update or polish your door's hardware and house numbers.
  6. Lighting Lift: Clean or update outdoor light fixtures.
  7. Sit and Stay Awhile: Place a chair or bench near your entrance as a welcoming gesture.
  8. Entryway Elegance: Enhance your entry with paint, stain, or stencil for a unique touch.

The Front Porch as a Gathering Space

Maximize your front porch's appeal by staging it as an inviting outdoor room with the following elements:

  • Seating and weather-resistant rugs
  • Vibrant plants and flowers
  • Outdoor lighting for evening ambiance

The First Time Home Buyers Journey

How to Buy a Home in the Twin Cities - A Guide for First-Time Homebuyers

How to Buy a Home in the Twin Cities - A Guide for First-Time Homebuyers

Embarking on the journey to purchase your first home in the Twin Cities can be both exhilarating and daunting. As you navigate through this exciting process, it's crucial to arm yourself with knowledge and the right strategies to make your home-buying experience seamless and successful.

Understanding the Twin Cities Metro Housing Market

The Twin Cities housing market presents a unique set of opportunities and challenges for first-time home buyers. Interest rates are at a historic low, offering an opportune time to secure a mortgage. However, the competitive market with limited inventory means buyers must be well-prepared.

Step 1: Get Preapproved for a Mortgage

Securing a mortgage preapproval is a critical first step in your home-buying journey. This not only sets a clear budget but also positions you as a serious buyer in the eyes of sellers.

Step 2: Find a Knowledgeable Local Real Estate Professional

Partnering with a seasoned Real Estate professional who understands the Twin Cities market can significantly enhance your chances of securing your desired home.

Step 3: Embark on Your Home Search with Confidence

With financial preapproval and a trusted Real Estate professional by your side, you're well-equipped to begin your search for the perfect home in the Twin Cities.

Conclusion: Your Dream Home Awaits in the Twin Cities

By understanding market dynamics, securing financial preapproval, and working with an experienced Real Estate agent, you're on your way to finding your dream home in this dynamic region. Happy house hunting in the Twin Cities!

For personalized assistance or to start your home search, consider using advanced...

Listen To Your Agent for a Smooth Home Selling Experience

If you Know A Great MN Realtor, Listen to Them

Listen to your agent is probably the #1 best piece of home selling advice you will ever hear. Consider the reasons you hired him in the first place. You were impressed with his years of experience. Over his career, he has sold thousands of homes, and he knows what works and what does not. When a house doesn’t sell, he can tell you why and what to do to fix it. He can also tell you what not to do from the beginning.

Here are some great pieces of advice that you should hear from your agent when you list your home. Would you please take it seriously? The sale of a home is a stressful process, but a few easy steps can lead to a smooth and seamless experience. Listen to your agent. He wants what’s best for you.

To put you on the inside track, here are three examples of home selling advice that are universally true.

Price Your Home to the Market

During your listing presentation, the agent should include a market analysis of your home. The evaluation should have a recommendation for the listing price for your home. He will arrive at that number by comparing your home to the most recent sales of comparable properties in your neighborhood. If you think his suggestion is lower than your expectation, ask questions.

Listen to your agent. He will point out the reasons for the difference what he feels your house will sell for less. Perhaps your kitchen and home décor have not been updated for 30 years, and your neighbor just did a complete kitchen and bath remodel. Your home may have an old furnace or a roof that is at the end of its lifecycle, and your neighbor’s property just had a high-efficiency heater installed this year and the house re-roofed the year before.

All aspects that determine value must be considered when setting the selling price. Listen to your agent. Your best interest is what will drive his success. You both have the same goal. Sell fast and for the best price....

Relocating to the Twin Cities

Relocating to the Twin Cities Metro with Joe Houghton and RE/MAX Results

Relocating to the Twin Cities Metro with Joe Houghton and RE/MAX Results

Why the Twin Cities Metro is the Perfect Place to Call Home

If you're considering relocating to the Twin Cities Metro area, you're in for a delightful surprise. With Joe Houghton and RE/MAX Results as your relocation realtor, you're not just finding a new house; you're discovering a new way of life in one of America's most vibrant regions.

A Hub of Health and Happiness

The Twin Cities Metro stands out for its exceptional quality of life. St. Paul has been lauded by US News Money as the number one city for healthcare in America. Residents enjoy some of the best insurance premiums, thanks to Kaiser Health News' findings, while Forbes has recognized Minneapolis as the healthiest city nationwide. The secret? A community that values well-being, with vast open spaces and trails encouraging an active lifestyle year-round. Whether it’s biking, skiing, or ice-skating, Minnesotans’ commitment to fitness is unwavering, earning Minneapolis-St. Paul the title of the fittest city in America by Time for three consecutive years.

A Culture of Play and Prosperity

In the Twin Cities, leisure and work go hand in hand. Named America's Most Playful City by Sperling’s Best Places, Minneapolis outshines in health, happiness, and social support. This ethos of "Minnesota Nice" permeates through every corner, creating a welcoming atmosphere for newcomers.

The economic landscape is equally promising. Home to 19 Fortune 500 companies, including giants like UnitedHealth Group and Target, the Twin Cities Metro boasts a vibrant job market. With one of the lowest unemployment rates among major metropolitan areas, Minnesota's future shines bright for professionals and businesses alike.


Real Estate Agents in Edina, MN

Real Estate Agents in Edina, MN

The best Real Estate Agents in Edina, MN know the streets and neighborhoods of Edina inside and out. Most Realtors that work in Edina will at least know the basics. Edina is a first-ring suburb southwest of Minneapolis. The community is made up of 45 distinctive neighborhoods, many featuring tree-lined streets and well-tended lawns and flower beds.This city is also noted for its upscale neighborhoods of luxury homes. With highway access going north, south, east, and west enjoy easy access to all of the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area.  Downtown Minneapolis is 8 miles away and uptown a mere 5-mile jaunt!

Edina Realtors Tout the Award Winning Schools

Your child will receive a great education in the Public  School System. As of 2015 US News and World, report awarded Edina High School a gold medal and ranked it #1 in the state and 197 in National Rankings. Newsweek also ranked it #1 statewide and 121 among all high schools in the US. The Music Program has been recognized by the Grammy Foundation as one of 42 “Signature Schools” and Sports Illustrated has ranked the athletic program 8th in the country.  In an annual competition, It's no wonder that Edina has been awarded the distinction of the top 100 best communities for young people.

The best Edina Realtors Appreciate the Park and Trail Systems

Edina has 1550 acres are devoted to parkland and open spaces.  There are 44 parks which include playgrounds, tennis courts, ball fields, skating rinks, and picnic areas.  There are also 8 miles of scenic trails for bicycling, walking, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing.

Centennial Lake Park provides an outstanding urban escape.  With its 1.5-mile pathways meandering ten acres of manicured grounds, beautiful gardens, fountains and peaceful seating areas, it is considered by many to be the crown jewel in the Edina Park System.  While...

Home Warranty

All About The Home Warranty

A home warranty acts as a safety net for homeowners, covering the costs of repairing or replacing major home appliances and systems. It's a service contract that ensures you're not left footing the bill when something goes wrong. This guide delves into the intricacies of home warranties, offering peace of mind to homeowners, especially in the unpredictable moments of homeownership.

Home Warranties Provide Peace of Mind

There's nothing quite like the security of knowing that a sudden appliance breakdown won't drain your savings. For first-time homebuyers or those on a tight budget, this can be particularly reassuring. The home warranty stands as a buffer against the unpredictable, ensuring that a malfunction doesn’t disrupt your financial stability.

Home Warranties vs. Homeowners Insurance

While homeowners insurance covers damage from external events like fire and storms, it doesn't help when your air conditioner quits on the hottest day of the year. This is where home warranties shine, offering coverage for wear and tear on your home's most critical systems and appliances.

How Home Warranties Work

When a covered item breaks down, a simple call to your home warranty provider can set the wheels in motion for a repair or replacement. You'll pay a predetermined service fee, and the warranty company covers the rest. It's a streamlined process that saves time and reduces hassle.

Understanding Home Warranty Costs

Costs can vary, but most home warranty plans start around $400 annually, with service fees ranging from $75 to $125 per visit. It's a small price to pay for the convenience and protection these plans offer.

The Pros of Home Warranties

Home warranties bring numerous advantages to the table, from financial protection against unexpected repairs to the convenience of having a go-to resource for home maintenance...

MN Home Selling Tips

MN Home Selling Tips

When your home is for sale, the most significant challenge is keeping it ready for people who want to drop in on the short notice. I’m not talking about a neighbor that might pop over unexpectedly to borrow a cup of flour. She won’t think twice about the dirty dishes in the sink and your unfolded laundry occupying prime real estate in the living room.

But those other people will care. They will look in all your corners, open all your cabinets, peer into your closets, and they will judge. They are picky and often quick to find fault and not shy about voicing their opinions about the condition of your home or your housekeeping habits. They are called buyers.

The Goal - Ready to Show at All Times

Before you listed your home, you developed a plan for preparing for this event with your Realtor. You got rid of clutter, you organized, and you cleaned. You repaired, refurbished, and recycled. You gave up a month of precious weekends, your book club night, and Netflix to get it done, and never hardly ever did a complaint escape your lips.

Now you have to do one thing. Keep it tidy, clean, and show-ready until you find a buyer. That is the one request your agent will make while your home is on the market. I know you have kids. You work. You have a dog who thinks it’s his job to leave copious piles of fur on every surface he touches. It’s not easy. I know too well. But, I also know it is not forever and can be done.

First Engage the Entire Family

Don’t, I repeat, do not attempt to keep your house in tip-top viewing condition without the help and cooperation of your entire family minus the pooch. He was born to shed, and you know it. Discuss the importance of Project Clean and Ready with your husband/wife/partner and kiddos. Make it a team sport.

Keeping tabs on each other will help everyone to be focused. Get everyone to own up to their messes, grownups, and kids alike, and take responsibility for cleaning them...

The 5 Day Plan To Turn Closet Chaos into Organized Bliss

The 5 Day Plan to Prepare you Home for Sale

With April just around the corner, our thoughts turn to spring. For many, spring not only signals the onset of warm weather, flowers, and birdsong but heralds the time to sweep out the winter detritus from hearth and home, otherwise known as Spring Cleaning. The first logical step in the process is removing all that stuff you really don’t want, don’t need, or never use, your clutter.

For those of you preparing to sell your home this spring, an absolute must for you is to take your cluttered chaos and turn it into organized harmony , but even if you are staying put, what better way to start the new season than with a home free of extra stuff to get in the way of your feng shui. Now that you are sold on the idea of paring down and organizing, there are a couple ways to approach the process of organizing your home.

  • the intense weekend (or two) decluttering boot camp
  • the series of multiple shorter de-junking sessions

Personally, since I am not a fan of pain and suffering, I prefer the “take-it-in-smaller-bites” process. Keep in mind, regardless of whether you opt for the intense program or the low impact version, you still need to perform the same tasks which are:

  • throwing out what is broken, expired, or otherwise useless
  • donating or selling what is in good, workable condition but is no longer wanted, needed or loved
  • organizing what is left in a clean space


Here's How to Determine Offer Price When Buying a Home

How to Determine an Offer Price When Buying a House in MN

The moment you have been waiting for has arrived. The home you want to buy has come on the market. You feel like Goldilocks when she lays in the baby bear’s bed. That felt just right.  Unlike Goldy, who proceeded to take a nap, you are ready to rock and roll. It’s time to write an offer, also known as writing a purchase agreement.

The central theme of the offer is the amount you agree to pay to the seller for the property. Your goal is to reach that magical place where deals come together. It’s that sweet price point where the seller receives the amount he wants, and the buyer knows she is not paying too much.

The starting point is the seller’s asking price. Your real estate agent’s job is to help you decide if it is reasonable or too high. Several factors to consider affecting your offer price include a comparable market analysis of homes that have recently sold, market conditions, property conditions and updates, length of time on the market, and seller motivation.

The Comparative Market Analysis or CMA

Your buyers’ agent will pull several months of data on homes that have sold in the exact general location to help you determine a range where your offer price should fall.  Comparison factors will include the number of bedrooms and baths, price per square foot, age of the home, and condition.

When you find comparable properties, you want to compare the sold price to the listing price. Did most homes sell above, below, or at the listing price?

While it is critical...

Realtor Reviews Minneapolis Housing Market

Top Minneapolis Realtor Reviews: Navigating the Minneapolis Housing Market

Top Minneapolis Realtor Reviews: Navigating the Minneapolis Housing Market

As a top Minneapolis realtor, providing insightful reviews and analysis of the Minneapolis housing market is paramount. The journey through the evolving landscape of real estate in Minneapolis reveals a dynamic interplay of economic factors, buyer and seller behaviors, and the pivotal role of real estate professionals in guiding clients through complex decisions. This review delves into recent trends, offering a comprehensive look at what makes the Minneapolis market tick.

refreshing minneapolis living room picture

Market Dynamics: A Realtor's Insight

Reflecting on the transformative phases of the Minneapolis housing market, from the bustling activity of the late 2010s to the more nuanced dynamics of today, it's clear that understanding market trends is crucial. As a leading Minneapolis realtor, my observations are grounded in a deep analysis of market data, ensuring that clients receive the most current and actionable information.

  • Inventory and Listings: The gradual increase in new listings in Minneapolis has been a welcome development, providing more options for buyers. This shift towards a more balanced market underscores the importance of timely, informed decisions, a cornerstone of the advice provided in top Minneapolis realtor reviews.
  • Mortgage Rates: The fluctuating mortgage rates continue to influence buying power. My role as a top Minneapolis realtor includes helping clients navigate these changes, ensuring they understand the long-term implications of their mortgage choices....

The 10 Best of 2022 From Our Twin Cities Home Blog

Top Ten Real Estate Agent Blog Posts

It’s the end of another year, and like mushrooms after a rainfall, ten best lists pop up everywhere. Best movies. Best music. Best books. Best phones. Best laptops. Best recipes. Best kitchen gadgets and on it goes. I love most of them and thought, why not make a list of the ten best from our blog?

With an abundance of great content on the blog this year (I know, shameful self-promotion), it was not easy to choose only ten. So what criteria did I use? The choices address topics that continue to be relevant, add value for the target audience and address questions and concerns about buying and selling real estate we hear from clients.

In the spirit of full disclosure, it was so tricky limiting my selection to ten; I added honorable mentions at the end. Joe wrote some great stuff for Forbes this year, so I included a couple that technically is not from our blog. Ready? Top of 2022 best blog posts coming at you! 

 1. Why I’m Not Making New Year Resolutions

This post was the first article of 2022, and it is just as timely a year later. For those who struggle to keep New Year resolutions, my advice is don’t make them. Setting manageable and achievable goals in place of solutions is more successful in bringing about positive change. The article also includes some suggestions on how to break down an answer from the general to specific goals. 

2. 10 Ways To Better Organize Your Day

The suggestions in this post were part of a routine I developed when I landed a job that required I start promptly at 7:00 A.M. Though I no longer begin work that early, I follow the system to this day. If you've set a goal for a better organization this year, you should find these suggestions timeless, practical, and easy to manage.

3. Five Ways To Prepare Your Real Estate Business...