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Welcome to 7510 Cahill Rd.

If you are in the market for a condo, one of the things you probably ask yourself when you see one you like is, "Will I enjoy living here?" It's an excellent question to consider, which is why Joe Houghton suggested it might be a good use of time to tell you why this condo in a quiet corner of Edina is a special place to live.

I couldn't agree more. Because whether you buy a single-family home or a condo, the community that surrounds you is part of the package. So I'm going to talk about the Windwood community for starters.

5 Reasons Living at Windwood is Outstanding

  1. The surroundings are lovely. The grounds remind me of a well-manicured and serene urban park. After viewing the condo, feel free to take a stroll around the two inner courtyards and perimeter and experience it for yourself.
  2. It's quiet, serene, and peaceful.
  3. It's social. If you enjoy being active in the community and getting to know your neighbors, you will have many opportunities to do so. You can play bridge, dominos, mahjong, and bingo. You can lunch on the deck or participate in a community breakfast. Join the book club, enjoy water aerobics in the pool, or participate in chair yoga. If you want to get more involved, there are committees you can serve on.
  4. Amenities, amenities, amenities! Here is the list: Indoor and outdoor pool, fitness room, his & her saunas, whirlpool tub, tennis courts, community garden, craft and hobby room, reading room, game room, workshop, and a beautiful new party room for events and gatherings.  There is also a carwash with a vacuum in the underground garage. In addition, two guest suites are available to accommodate visiting family and friends.
  5. Windwood is very well maintained and clean. People are nice, supportive, and friendly. 

6 Reasons That Make This Condo Special (per the owner)

  1. I love the location on the inner courtyard. The view is lovely, and it's peaceful and quiet.  I enjoy sitting out on my patio with a morning cup of coffee, reading, or thinking and relaxing.
  2. I love my kitchen! I like to cook and have lots of small appliances, and they all have a home in the kitchen and pantry. It's easy to keep clean, and it has adequate counter space.  In Nov. 2017, I replaced all the major appliances. I'm going to miss my KitchenAid dishwasher so much I may have to buy one like it for my new place!
  3. The view from my office and bedroom.
  4. The floorplan.
  5. Living on the first level. Walking outside without accessing the hallway makes me feel like I'm living in a single-family home.  Also, you have the option of installing wood or other hard surface floors throughout, which is not allowable on the upper levels (noise control)
  6. Lots of storage! Four closets, a hallway cubby, abundant bathroom cabinet space. I enjoy the walk-in closet/dressing room, by the way.

5 Great Things About the Location

  1. Everything you need is close by, including Grocery shopping, The Galleria, restaurants, and entertainment.
  2. Great parks for walking, having fun, or people watching: Lewis Park is just down the road, Normandale Lake Park is 2 miles south and Centennial Lake Park is 3 miles east (my favorite!).
  3. Convenient highway access to both 494 and highway 100
  4. Edina – an outstanding community regarding the quality of life, services, and amenities.
  5. Outstanding Schools


#1 By Christina at 9/20/2021 1:17 PM

Wow, what a gorgeous condo - and fantastic community! If I were moving to MN this is the first place I would be looking at.

#2 By Linda Ruth Sharp at 9/20/2021 3:10 PM

Wow! It looks like an ideal location, and the condo has lots of attractive features. If I were looking in this area, I would put this condo at the top of my list!

#3 By Lawrence Caird at 9/20/2021 5:32 PM

Wow, is right.

#4 By Esther Godia at 9/23/2021 7:33 PM

Wow this is so fabulous it looks peaceful and serene

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