7 Ways to Up Your Curb Appeal Mojo

MN Realtor Shares Easy Ways to Boost Your Curb Appeal

If your curb appeal is missing that specific something that takes it from so-so to wow, I dedicate this post to you. If you are selling your home, you should already know how critical making that positive first impression is to potential buyers. You want to hit them with your best before they walk in the front door.

Curb Appeal Works Magic on MN Home Buyers

Even if you are not selling your home, boosting your curb appeal adds value to your property. You will also win the admiration of your neighbors and become the most popular house on the block. After you finish my list of suggestions, it will amaze you that such a small investment of money, time, and creativity will result in a noticeable uptick in curb appeal.

Here are my best, inexpensive tips for upping your curb appeal game. So please put on your sunscreen, and let’s get outside!

1. Up Your Front Door Mojo

True story. Several years ago, I had difficulty selling my home in Rhode Island. It was a newer home, a colonial replica associated with like homes. Great location and landscaping but not getting the attention from buyers my agent and I anticipated.

I decided to paint the two yellow front doors turquoise over the objections of my realtor, who was reminding me that my choice wasn’t a traditional colonial-era color. A few days later, we had several showings and an offer. I’m convinced it was the newly painted doors.

So if your front door is faded or doesn’t say “look at me,” get a quart of color that catches the eye. Remember, don’t be coy or shy in your choice you want to stand out from the crowd.

2. Work Magic on the Front Porch 

If you are lucky enough to have a porch, flaunt it. Hang some greenery and flowering baskets. Set up a cozy eating nook and a sitting area. If you have a front entrance less spacious, put a pot or two blooms by the door and a chair if you have the room. Don’t forget to polish up the door hardware and light fixtures and get a new welcome mat.

3. Make your Front Lawn the Envy of the Neighbors

An untended front yard will leave buyers with a negative impression of your home. If you have any weeds, treat them. If you have bare patches, fill them in. Mow the lawn and edge it for a finished look. If the walkway needs TLC, take care of repairs. Don’t forget to water the lawn as necessary if your home is up for sale.

4. Add Pops of Color

Trim shrubbery around your home but not too aggressively. Add some annuals here in there for vibrant color. While tending to the flower beds, lay down some fresh mulch. Another welcome addition may be solar lighting in front of the house and perhaps along the walkway. 

5. The Garage Needs Mojo Too

If the doors need a refresh, give them a coat of paint. Make sure they are also in good working condition. Polish the light fixtures and replace any burnt-out bulbs. Seal the driveway if necessary. A couple of pots filled with blooms on either side of the doors would be a nice touch.

6. The Mailbox Makeover

If your mailbox looks like it has seen better days and nights, replacing it might be the way to go. Some flowers at the base of the post or a flowering vine twirling itself around it will dress it up.

7. Match the Style of Your Home

Your home should fit comfortably in its surroundings. When you’re decorating your outdoor spaces or planning flower beds, remember to match the décor of your home. If you have a coastal cottage, don’t use the ultra-modern outdoor furniture, for instance. Likewise, if your style is contemporary or midcentury, stay away from country estate flower beds and outdoor wicker furnishings.

When selling your home, you invest time and money into preparing the inside to impress buyers. The outside is important too. Upping your game with curb appeal is going to get them through the front door, reaching for their checkbook!


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