Sell Your House Fast With These 15 Tips

15 Curb Appeal Tips to get your Home Ready to Sell Fast 

Sell your home fast by starting with the first impression. Here are 15 fabulous and inexpensive ideas to boost the curb appeal of your home, he has curated some great information from some great sites like Better Homes and Gardens and also offered up some great DIY tips from bloggers like Bella Tucker and First Home Love as well. 

This information is must read for those of you are planning to sell your home fast this year. Even if you are planning to stay put, who doesn't want to improve the appearance of their home? Enough said. Let's read how we can give our homes a mini facelift! 

This home has some great curb appeal.

First Impressions will help sell your home fast

In life, you get one chance to make a first impression.  It can be the determining factor in getting the job, securing the client, or closing the deal.  When you are selling your home, the same holds true.  The first impression a potential buyer has of your house, be it online or in person can have a significant influence not only on an offer price but how quickly you receive one.  

When buyers are presented with a property that has great curb appeal, it draws them in with a smile. Reversely, if your home looks untidy and ill kept from the outside, buyers are going to have the impression that the property has not been well cared for, and it may even have them saying, “Next please”, without so much as an inside peek.

Now that you know how important curb appeal can be, here are 15 easy and inexpensive sure-fire ways to get the curb appeal of your home hitting the high notes!

Sell your home for more when you do these 15 things

1. The first step is getting your exterior squeaky clean.  Wash the house, garage, garden sheds, entryway and walkways with a power washer.  Make sure the windows are sparkling clean as well.  When the light hits them, they should sparkle and shine.

A newly painted, colorful front door and a wreath make a great first impression

2. Paint the front door in a bright, beautiful color.  A freshly updated entrance is like your home greeting each person that visits with a cheerful hello!  This is a very inexpensive and easy way to create some visual impact quickly.  

3. Add a new doormat. Now that you have painted the front door you will need a new welcome mat in front of it. There are many bright and stylish options available today.  If you are crafty and want to get creative, get a plain mat and use spray paint to apply your own design.  

Attractive, welcoming front porch

4. Add some flowers. Hang some baskets filled with flowers near the front door.  Place a pot or two overflowing with colorful blooms near the entrance.  Flowers are just so welcoming and go a long way to creating the curb appeal buyers want.

5. Clean and polish the hardware on your front door. Another option is to spray paint it. If it is old and looks dated, you may choose to replace it with something more contemporary.  At the same time spray paint your house number in a snazzy color that compliments the front door. Make sure the numbers can be easily seen from the street. 

Front door makes or breaks curb appeal

6.  Your outdoor light fixtures should be clean and polished.  As with your door hardware, you can paint them to match or replace them if they look outdated.

7.  Add a chair or a bench.  A seat near the entrance to a home says “sit down a spell and take a rest, stay a while.” It is so welcoming.

Great Curb Appeal Front Entrance

8. If you have a drab concrete entry consider staining, painting or stenciling a design.  Here is a great idea for a cobblestone look from the First Home Love Life Blog and the how to instructions.

 Curb appeal

The Front Porch: an Outdoor Family Room

9. Lucky you if you have a front porch because porches are in high demand with buyers. Stage this area like an outdoor family gathering spot. The floor should be freshly painted. Consider a rug that looks like it could be indoors but is specially made to resist the weather. Set up a seated conversation area and dining area.  Add some flowers and greenery, storage, and lighting. Nothing is more homey or welcoming than a front porch.

Great landscaping creates curb appeal

Landscaping Sends the Signal Well Maintained

10. The lawn should be cut, edged and trimmed.  Shrubs should be trimmed.  Replace any that look less than healthy.  Trim out any unattractive overgrowth and put down fresh mulch in the flower beds.

11. Plant annual flowers for pops and bursts of color.  If you do not have any flowers in the front of the house, consider adding a flower bed and fill it with annuals for all season blooms. A curved bed adds a great deal more interest than a straight edged one so consider adding the contours.

outdoor seating

12. Garden lights add a great deal of interest to the front of your home.  Line a walkway or flower bed with inexpensive solar lighting and bam, an instant burst of curb appeal.

13. If the mailbox is battered and twisted get a new one.  If it’s in decent shape give it a bright coat of paint, perhaps to match the front door. Dress it up with flowers around the base.

Curb appeal

14.  Paint the garage doors and add some decorative hardware while you’re at it, especially if the garage faces front. 

15. A cracked or pitted driveway can send a signal of neglect to your buyers.  Repair any cracks in the driveway and seal it.  To keep costs down purchase the products you need at your favorite home center. 

Hope this gives you some great ideas as well as some inspiration to up your home's curb appeal. Most of these suggestions are inexpensive, yet they can have a huge visual impact.  Curb appeal can make a big difference for a small investment, and the reward will be selling your home quicker and easier and putting more money in your bank account on the day of the closing. 

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