10 Ways To Grab Buyers at Hello

That All Important First Impression

It’s well established that a first introduction is vitally important. That initial handshake can either lead to a meeting of the minds, or to no deal. “I hope I make a bad first impression,” said no one ever!  In real estate, we see this play out again and again.

When you are selling, the first personal impression when a buyer tours your home is like the handshake. If they don’t like what they see pulling up to the curb, walking into the lobby, or opening the front door, the cash register is going to ring up “no sale”.

Although a good first impression of your home may not always end up in making a deal, it is always the first step into getting to that important offer to purchase.  Here are 10 ways to make a great first impression on prospective buyers.

1. Get Buyers To See Your Home

Today, most real estate transactions are born on the internet. The first interaction a prospective buyer has with your house is online. If there is no connection with them in those first photos, it’s extremely unlikely to go to the next step with a private showing. Make sure you have an agent that takes quality photos of your property, preferably professional ones. 

2. Remove Clutter, Organize and Depersonalize

Removing Clutter and organizing is critically important. A well-organized home without clutter and disarray allows buyers to see there is enough room for themselves and all their stuff. One reason people look for a new home is they have outgrown the one they currently reside in so if they think for even one second your home is not spacious enough or lacks storage they will move on. Remove personal photos and memorabilia as well. You want your prospective buyer to think of this as their home, not yours so please remove that urn containing Rover’s ashes off the mantel.

3. Clean Until Your Home Sparkles in the Sun

A clean home imparts a sense of loving care. The last thing you want buyers to feel is that you have neglected your home and they will be faced with numerous repairs if they buy it. So wash those windows inside and out, wash light fixtures, walls, floors, and shampoo the carpets. Leave no corner untouched and don’t ignore the small stuff. Sometimes the difference is in the details and this is one of those occasions.

4. Funky Smells Must Go

Speaking of deal breakers, one at the top of the list is a home with bad breath. Yes, funky unpleasant smells, be they from pets, cooking, mildew, cigarettes, bathrooms drains, piled up dirty laundry,  musty carpets or chemicals are an immediate turnoff and will have a perspective buyer say, “Oh heck no” and move to the next property. Don’t convince yourself that scented candles and potpourri will camouflage stinky smells. If your home has odors, buyers will notice. So find the cause and get rid of them before you even think to let a prospect through the front door.

5. Paint the Front Door

Speaking of first looks, a clean freshly painted front door imparts a very positive first impression. You can accomplish this in a weekend. If your exterior colors are neutral, consider a bright color to shake things up a bit and get some attention. Better Homes and Gardens has some great ideas to get you started.

6. Put out the Welcome Mat

Replace your current doormat with a brightly colored one to coordinate with the new color of your front door. If you have a front porch or a stoop that is large enough, put out a chair or a pot of flowers. If you have house numbers or a mailbox in this area, clean them until they shine, spray paint them or consider replacement.

7. Plant Flowers

Bring in some pops of color to the front of your home or up your walkway by planting some annuals. Consider flowers with a fragrance such as petunias, heliotrope, flowering tobacco and morning glories. Can’t think of a better way to impart a positive feeling about your home even before a prospective buyer even opens the door.

8. Let There Be Light

Consider sprinkling some solar lights along the walkway and in front of your house. Although most buyers will be looking at your home during daylight hours, they certainly may do an evening drive-by either before or after to get an impression of the neighborhood at night.

9. Give the Front of Your Home a Facelift

If your siding looks dirty, consider a power wash at least for the front of your home. Also, a seal coat on your driveway would go a long way to making everything look newer. Consider updating your garage doors with a fresh coat of paint.

10. Curb Appeal

Last but not least, make sure the lawn is mowed and the edges are trimmed. Dandelions are not the pops of color mentioned above so remove the weeds on your lawn and anything growing in the cracks of the sidewalk leading up to or in front of your home. The Shrubs should be neatly trimmed. If you have a mailbox make sure it is freshly painted and the numbers are legible.

Follow these suggestions and in today’s market, you should have your home sold quickly. Remember when you evaluate your home’s curb appeal be very critical and ask yourself if this were not my home today, would I want to buy it? 

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