10 Ways to Enjoy Being Home While Social Distancing

10 Ways to Enjoy Being Home During Social Distancing/MN Property Group/blog

Home is More Important Than Ever

Here on our blog, we write about the buying and selling of homes often. It is what we know, what we do, and what we share. But the concept of what a home means to our families and us is also an important topic.

We frequently refer to home as a safe haven, a place where we share joys and sorrows, raise our children, and plan how to make our dreams for the future come true. So after we help you find the perfect home, we also offer advice on how to make it the safe, comfortable place you want for your family. Now that is more important than we would have imagined just a short time ago. 10 Ways to Enjoy Being Home During Social Distancing/MN Property Group/blog

It’s difficult today to read or hear the news without the words Coronavirus and social distancing being part of the conversation. Schools have closed, and the kids are home. With most social events and activities canceled, retired seniors are staying home too. Those not employed in essential services are mostly working from home.

The structure of both our professional and private lives has changed rapidly. We are told to expect this new norm to continue for weeks and, yes, perhaps even months. We can brood, and we can pout, or we can make the best of a less than perfect situation. Here are some suggestions on how to turn adversity into an opportunity to cherish your time at home.

10 Ways to Enjoy Being Home During Social Distancing/MN Property Group/blog1. Clean and Sanitize

It’s Spring. What goes with spring? Tulips, daffodils, robins, and cleaning, of course. Besides, one of the ways to protect your family from the Coronavirus is to sanitize your home. Since you also have more free time at home now, the perfect opportunity to go room by room and make it sparkle and shine. 

2. Organize Everything

If you have been inspired to organize your entire home since watching Marie Konda on Netflix, now you have the time. You could opt for an organizing marathon. Or, modify your approach to accommodate shorter sessions. Either way, think of how awesome it will feel to be rid of all your clutter and have a place for all your stuff.  

3. Rearrange the Furniture

The perfect time to change the look of the feel of your living room is now. Take this opportunity to change the traffic flow and update the look and feel of your décor. Don’t forget to “shop” your other rooms for accent pieces. 

4. Tackle a DIY Project

Dust off your home project list and get to work! If you don’t have a list, think about changing the wall color, updating your bathroom, or painting your kitchen cabinets.  If you need some help, Utube has an abundance of “how-to” videos. If you need some ideas, check out this article on Buzzfeed

5. Cook, Bake, Eat 

Why not give your culinary skills a boost and challenge yourself with some new recipes. Since your spending, a lot of time at home, treat yourself, and bake some cookies. Bring the kids on board to assist you. Who knows, you may have a budding chef in the family waiting for a chance to bloom. If you need inspiration, Pinterest is a great recipe resource. Check out my Pinterest food board. You’ll find all the food bloggers here too. 

6. Read a Book

Relax. Make a pot of tea. Find a comfortable chair in a quiet corner of your home and indulge yourself in a good read. Check out the availability of ebooks at your local library or buy one online. 

7. Take a Course Online

The options are endless, depending on your interests. Learn a second language. Improve your writing skills. Discover how to build your own website. Take a cooking course. It’s all out there!

8. Hello Netflix and Amazon Prime

Binge-watching has become an American pastime. Catch up on your favorites, rewatch the classics, or search for hidden gems. If you're alone and miss your friends, organize an online Nextflix party!  Yes, that’s a thing now! 

9. Take a Walk

You can go outside. Taking a walk will improve your mood as well as improve your overall health and well being. If you have a dog, bring Bruno with you.

10. Explore the Arts

Did you know you can take virtual tours of many of the world’s great Art Museums?  Now you do. Visit the Guggenheim in New York or the Georgia O’Keeffe in Sante Fe and others around the world. Google Arts & Culture will open the door to over 2500 of the world-renowned museums without the need to leave home.   

In addition to visiting world-famous museums, you can also enjoy a night at the opera compliments of several opera companies world-wide. To keep the culture alive, they are streaming free past performances. 

When you have had enough of La Traviata, you can stream hundreds of archived concerts from the Berliner Philharmoniker, and it’s free!  Just go on the website and redeem the voucher by March 31st. Your welcome! 

Did I hear you say Broadway was more your style? Streaming of your favorites from the Great White Way is available from BroadwayHD. Don’t pass up seven days on the house!  

Without a doubt, these are stressful times we face. We can and will get through it. But while we protect ourselves physically, we need to take care of our emotional health as well. So instead of feeling stuck at home, celebrate the opportunity to enrich your life in ways you never thought of before.

Above all, please stay safe and be careful out there.

10 Ways to Enjoy Being Home During Social Distancing/MN Property Group/blog

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