Marketing Your Twin Cities Home

Photos are the number 1 most important piece of marketing your home, they are the foundation for all of our other marketing efforts.  We hire a company of professional real estate photographers to do a photo shoot with high definition photos and a virtual tour.  We also create a virtual showing in 3D that allows the homebuyer to walk through the home in virtually. This technology is incredible and it allows the homebuyer to experience your home in private.  When a homebuyer experiences your home in virtual reality they are more likely to remember it, to share it, and to talk themselves into buying it. In addition to the photography and virtual showing technology, we create a blog post and marketing pieces for your home, neighborhood, and community.  We tell a story with our photos and with our words that invoke the emotions that are necessary for a buyer to feel excited about starting the next chapter of their life in your home.  Once we have the storyline, photos, property descriptions, property snippets, blog posts, virtual tours, and virtual showings developed we go through each of the major real estate search sites and optimize your properties placement.  We link back to our tours, photos and descriptions wherever possible and create an experience for the buyers that they will not forget. 

Tips on marketing your house in the Twin Cities

  •    Premier/Preferred placement on seven of the largest websites for buyer traffic including,
  •    Personal web page dedicated to your home exclusively
  •    Open houses 1-2 times a month
  •    5-15 open house directional arrows used for every open house
  •    Online open house directory placement
  •    Email marketing campaign to every Realtor in the Metro area who is still on the Realtor email List
  •    Personal invitations to every real estate office within a 4-mile radius via, email, fax and color  brochures to be posted on company bulletin board and available for their Tuesday morning company  meetings
  •   Invitations to my 1st open house introducing the new listing to the Real Estate, Mortgage,and  Relocation industry
  •    Craigslist advertisements updated at a minimum twice a week
  •    Feedback surveys to all of the Realtors that come through the broker open house
  •    Feedback surveys from the other agents that show your home
  •    Personal mobile phone number on the sign and all marketing materials
  •    Advertisements on social media marketing websites including facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, and youtube
  •    Property Highlight sheet under supplements on the MLS
  •    For sale arrows directing passersby to your home 
  •    Reverse prospecting prior to every realtor who has a client with criteria similar to your home in their search. This includes a personal phone call and an email to all the agents who have buyers set up on a search that includes the features your home has.

Informed and Knowledgeable of your neighborhood

Is there a park nearby? A shopping mall? Are there children in the neighborhood? What is the reputation of the school district?

These are questions potential buyers always ask. We take the time to get to know your neighborhood and research the surrounding community so I can answer them.

We pull together an information packet that includes background on the school district, area parks and recreational activities, local shopping and entertainment areas, churches, and any other resource material that may help in the marketing your home. 

All this information is condensed into a neighborhood fact sheet that is included in the profile booklets distributed to potential buyers. We have found that some of the biggest selling points can be as simple as a reliable babysitter on your block or a local park down the street. 

Consistent communication

Communication plays an important role in the successful marketing and sale of your home. You need certain information and so do we. Part of my commitment as your Realtor is to keep you informed of any important developments regarding:

  •     Houses sold in your area
  •     New listings in your area
  •     Changes in the real estate market
  •     Feedback and results from showings of your home
  •     Financing and market information
  •     Marketing efforts and future activities
  •     Offers or interest expressed in your home

The marketing and promotional strategies we have developed for the Minnesota Property Group will help you quickly sell your home.


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