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Preparing Your Home to Sell - The Deep Clean


Clean, Spotless, Immaculate!

You have removed all the clutter from your home and de-personalized it. Now it’s time to deep clean, and I mean DEEP. We want your home to shimmer and sparkle with sunlight streaming through windows and reflexing off polished surfaces and shining in the eyes of your buyer. That is our goal, to literally shine! This will reflect pride of ownership, a home has been well loved and taken care of, maintained to the max!

Unpleasant Odors

Your house may have odors you are not even aware of because you are so used to smelling them every day, but to a potential buyer this is the number one turn off. It may send a buyer away as soon as they enter your home, or at the very least seriously affect the sale price of your property. Common odors include pet odor, urine, mold, mildew, strong cooking odors, and cigarette smoke.  You need to remove the odors, but whatever you do, don’t try to mask them with room deodorizers, it will only make it worse. PicsSept2006 005

Keep your pet clean. Ditto for pet beds and litter boxes.  If shampooing your carpet does not remove pet smells you will need to replace it. Avoid strong cooking odors and deep frying. Remove visible mold or mildew with a bleach solution.  If you smoke in your home, stop.  To remove smoke odor you can try a product such as Vamoose.   If that does not work you may want to consider hiring a professional service such as ...

10 Steps to Great Home Curb Appeal

sell your home, curb appeal, landscaping

Now that you have de-cluttered, de-personalized and refreshed the interior of your house as you prepare to list it for sale, let’s continue the process on the outside.  I cannot over-emphasize how important a role curb appeal can play in the sale of your home.  It is that all-important first impression and at times the only impression that matters.  Potential buyers may decide in those first few seconds not to buy your house. No matter how good the interior may be, they have judged your home in those critical first few seconds.  It’s most important to make people feel safe, warm, and welcome as they approach your home.  Let’s look at 10 ways to we can wow them on that first important look.

sell your home, curb appeal, landscaping

1. Landscaping

Trim shrubs and trees. If you have dead or dying shrubs, replace them. Compare your landscaping to other homes in the area to see if it is comparable. If it is not consider planting some shrubbery.  Shrubs are a better choice than trees since immature specimens do little to enhance the...

Preparing Your Home to Sell - It's a Journey!

Selling your home, preparing your home for sale, home facelift

Refresh, Refurbish, Repair or Replace - Oh My!

After you de-clutter and depersonalize, it’s time to review your house room by room and neutralize, repair, replace and refresh.  Since you are selling your home, we do not want to invest in expensive repairs or mammoth remodels so our goal is to look for ways to make your house appealing to buyers at minimal cost to you, the seller. Keeping that objective in mind, we want you to Invest your time and money in easy fixes that will pay off by bringing you top dollar for your home!

However, and it cannot be overstated, you may love every color and be accepting of every imperfection, but to a potential buyer these will be reasons not to purchase your property, or to make you a low offer, and believe me they will be looking for reasons. We do not want to provide them with any, so let’s begin in the interior of the home starting with the kitchen, which can often make or break a sale.

Selling your home, preparing your home for sale, home facelift...

Preparing your home to sell and the 3 D’s

Sell your home, Declutter, Prepare to sell

Your Home Needs the 3 D Treatment

Before you put your house up for sale, you need to deep clean, de-clutter and depersonalize it. When you are getting your home ready to sell, these are the basics and the best place to start.  We want to make your property look as much like a new house as possible.  Our goal is to project a warm and inviting environment, as clean, spacious, and impersonal as we can so that potential buyers can visualize your house as their home, with their furniture in the living room, their art on the walls and their car in the garage.

De-clutter – The First Step

This can often be the most difficult step for some sellers because often they have an emotional attachment to everything in their house. However, you really need to get rid of the clutter because one thing I know for sure, a buyer's dream house does not include your clutter! It will help you to look at this process objectively and realize that your beloved napkin collection filling up a shelf of the linen closet is clutter from a buyer's perspective. Remember, the buyer is purchasing your house not your stuff, and you want him or her to visualize where they can put their stuff!

Toss, Donate, Keep Oh My! 


Selling Your Home? Be Prepared!

Selling a home, Twin Cities Real Estate,

Let's Sell

You have decided now is the time to make a move and sell your home. As a seller, this is your time!  According to Forbes, 60% of all home sales in 2014 will in the months of May-August. Additionally, there is a limited supply of inventory and buyers are out there who are ready and prepared to become homeowners themselves. 

Let's Put Our Best Face On 

Even though the market is tipping in your favor, in order to sell quickly and get the best price for your home you need to show it off at its absolute best.  You know it’s a great house but remember that potential buyers will be looking with a critical eye and comparing your property to others for sale on the market.

To get your house ready to sell, let's look at what I call the two level approach, the first level being practical, which is the general condition of your property, and the second level the emotional which is about the aesthetics like curb appeal and decor, the livability factor. 

Let’s Talk Practical

On this level we need to be concerned about structure and mechanicals, the things a home inspection will evaluate such as:

  • structure                ...
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