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Bring it 2016! The Minnesota Property Group Has 365 Opportunities To Be Awesome

Winter in Minneapolis MN

The beginning of a new year is a beautiful thing! It is a perfect opportunity to review the past 12 months and compare it to the previous 12 and celebrate the success we have achieved. Also, as we learn what worked well and what did not, we are in a better position to focus our energy in the coming year where we may have fallen short of our goals. For many of us it is the fresh start we need to clean the debris field of the old year and start with a clean slate for the new while for others it’s the beginning of another cycle of building on past achievements, adjusting priorities as well as setting new goals. To me it is like a pool of crystal clear still water waiting for me to stick my toes in and create some ripples, or maybe jump in with my whole being and create a huge splash!   

The Minnesota Property Group Team 

For The Minnesota Property Group, it was an outstanding year. Kudos to Mike Milne, Derek Irving and Andrew Klinkner. Thanks in part to a comeback in the Real Estate market surpassing all others, my team and I saw our best year of sales ever! We are pretty excited about that fact. We are...

Top Twin Cities Real Estate Agent

Top Twin Cities Real Estate Agent To Help Me Buy A Home

real estate agent tips

Home Buying Agent Twin Cities

You have finally made the big decision to buy a home, and you’re ready to dive headlong into the real estate market! Congratulations!  Given today’s market and the great opportunities that abound in the Twin Cities Metro for home ownership, I applaud your decision.  But, and yes there is always a “but,” before you take the plunge, just like every great athlete needs a coach, or every talented artist needs an agent, you need a Realtor© by your side, advocating for you.

“Why can’t I just advocate for myself?” you say.  Great question and I am so glad you asked. An honest and ethical real estate agent will steer you in the right direction, so you don’t waste time spinning your wheels, will offer expert advice when called for, even if it might not be what you want to hear, and will put your best interest at the forefront of any transaction.  Not only will he protect your interests, but also limit your liabilities and even save you money. 

“Wow,” you say, “having an agent will give me an edge! ...

Loving Late Fall is an Authentic Minnesota Feeling

Best of 2015 

This post is included in our Best of 2015 because it is my personal favorite, and the photos included made it our most popular post of the year on Pinterest. Being a transplant of 9 years, this piece reflects my love of the Twin Cities and my realization that I am feeling like Minnesota is truly home in all the ways that matter. So for the second time around, I hope you enjoy and relate to my late fall Minnesota feeling.

Loving Late Fall is an Authentic Minnesota Feeling

The November morning air has a bite and smells of crisp, and clean with a trace of spice. The days are unseasonably warm, but in the evening chill there is a scent of fireplace smoke. Most of the trees are bare limbed with the exception of a few stalwart leaves that cling desperately to their branches, like tiny chickadees in a windstorm. The sky that you see through the trees is a lighter blue or sometimes grey, and the sun streams through almost bare branches at a different slant. Its late autumn.

Centennial Lake

Here in Minnesota we are expectant. The season has been exceptional with temperatures averaging 11 degrees above normal for this time of year. Geraniums are still blooming on my porch and friends tell me they see green shoots popping out of their flower beds and buds on their lilac trees. But we must not be tempted by fancy and think we are anticipating spring. There...

15 Easy Ideas For Killer Curb Appeal

The Best of 2015 simply had to include this post by Joe Houghton originally published this past June. Not only has he presented some fabulous and inexpensive ideas to boost the curb appeal of your home, he has curated some great information from some great sites like Better Homes and Gardens and also offered up some great DIY tips from bloggers like Bella Tucker and First Home Love as well. 

This information is must read for those of you are planning to sell your home this year. Even if you are planning to stay put, who doesn't want to improve the appearance of their home? Enough said. Let's read how we can give our homes a mini facelift! 

This home has some great curb appeal.

In life, you get one chance to make a first impression.  It can be the determining factor in getting the job, securing the client, or closing the deal.  When you are selling your home, the same holds true.  The first impression a potential buyer has of your house, be it online or in person can have a significant influence not only on an offer price but how quickly you receive one.  

When buyers are presented with a property that has great curb appeal, it draws them in with a smile. Reversely, if your home looks untidy and ill kept from the outside, buyers are going to have the impression that the property has not been well cared for, and it may even have them saying, “Next please”, without so much as an inside peek.


Sandy's Tavern a Hidden Gem in Richfield

We continue our series, Minneapolis and St. Paul Real Estate Blog Best of 2015 with our post on Sandy's Tavern in Richfield. In addition to being consistent with our goal to promote everything great about our beautiful Twin Cities Metro, the regulars of Sandy's pushed this post into a top spot for FaceBook shares and likes! Thanks for the love Sandy's ! 

Sandy's is a great little establishment offering up beer and truly excellent burgers and finger foods for a very reasonable price. Add to that employees that outdo themselves with friendly and courtesous service, a cozy atmosphere dripping with nostalgia, and we have a winner. Next time you are hankering for one of the Twin Cities best burgers give Sandy's a try and tell the crew we sent you! 

Sandy's Tavern in Richfield MN

Tucked away on Penn Ave in Richfield is a gem of a little bar called Sandy’s Tavern. Well known to city residents this tavern is a landmark that was first opened during Prohibition in 1933 and built to look like a farmhouse as a ruse which worked pretty well for the first owner, Sandy. The décor has changed very little over the years, and from the juke box to the pool...

How To Be a Rock Star Home Seller in 5 Easy Steps

Best of 2015 from The Minneapolis and St. Paul Real Estate Blog

Happy New Year! 2015 is in the rearview mirror and we are looking at 2016 and what is on the road ahead of us. Now with the holiday activities behind us, we can review 2015 in terms of accomplishments, the body of work, career, financial and personal goals met and visions realized. 

Here at the Minnesota Property Group, we think we had a great year and lots of success stories. One of those successes is our new website rolled out at the beginning of the year and all the great content we have worked so hard to provide to our past, present, and future clients. We are very proud of our Minneapolis and St. Paul Real Estate blog and where we have taken it this past year. So what better time in this first week of the New Year, to present our favorite and best-performing blog posts as a review. All this week we will post our Best Blog Posts of 2015, one every day. 

Since many of you are thinking about selling your home this year, this is a great post with suggestions of how you can rock that experience! 

How To Be a Rock Star Home Seller in 5 Easy Steps

Selling your family home can be a stressful experience under the best of circumstances.  Listing your home creates a condition that interferes with the daily rhythm of your family life and invades the privacy of your personal space, not to mention the mixed emotions your family might be feeling...

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