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Loving Late Fall is an Authentic Minnesota Feeling

Best of 2015 

This post is included in our Best of 2015 because it is my personal favorite, and the photos included made it our most popular post of the year on Pinterest. Being a transplant of 9 years, this piece reflects my love of the Twin Cities and my realization that I am feeling like Minnesota is truly home in all the ways that matter. So for the second time around, I hope you enjoy and relate to my late fall Minnesota feeling.

Loving Late Fall is an Authentic Minnesota Feeling

The November morning air has a bite and smells of crisp, and clean with a trace of spice. The days are unseasonably warm, but in the evening chill there is a scent of fireplace smoke. Most of the trees are bare limbed with the exception of a few stalwart leaves that cling desperately to their branches, like tiny chickadees in a windstorm. The sky that you see through the trees is a lighter blue or sometimes grey, and the sun streams through almost bare branches at a different slant. Its late autumn.

Centennial Lake

Here in Minnesota we are expectant. The season has been exceptional with temperatures averaging 11 degrees above normal for this time of year. Geraniums are still blooming on my porch and friends tell me they see green shoots popping out of their flower beds and buds on their lilac trees. But we must not be tempted by fancy and think we are anticipating...

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